1. A Clean Break Before College?

    Q: I’m a senior at Northwest and have been in a relationship for two years. My boyfriend and I are both headed to college in the fall; I’m going to UCLA and he’s going to Florida State, we'll be so far from each other that we’re not sure if we should continue the relationship. I care about him a lot and don't want to lose him, but I'm not sure if a long-distance relationship will work whil…Read More

  2. Correlations Between Marijuana Use and Educational Outcomes in Teens

    The Correlation Between Marijuana and Educational Outcomes in Teens by Logan Walker-Liang As teen marijuana use is on the rise, parents all over the country are worried about how their teens’ marijuana use could impact their education. The human brain continues to develop until the age of 25, and research suggests using marijuana can interfere with this development, affecting how connections are…Read More

  3. Less Yelling in 2023: Steps for Better Communication With Your Kids.

    Q: As I am thinking about New Year's Resolutions, my goal is to not yell at my kids as frequently. As a working mother, it has been challenging to give my kids attention. By the end of the day, I lose my temper and yell at them. I later feel guilty and eventually apologize to them. However, this yelling-apologizing cycle has gone on too long. How can I stop myself? A: You’re not alone, lots of p…Read More

  4. 10 Reasons To Keep Living

    Some days are harder than others. We understand. Here are some things to consider that we hope can give you a reason to keep fighting. You have people, or pets, in your life who care about you and want you to be happy, healthy, and safe. There are opportunities and experiences that you have not yet had the chance to enjoy, and you never know what the future might hold. You have unique talents, ski…Read More

  5. Selective Mutism Treatment: School Sessions

    Selective mutism is a disorder in which a person is unable to speak in certain social situations, even though they may be able to speak in other situations. Having a therapist come to a child's school can be very helpful in the treatment of selective mutism because it allows the therapist to work with the child in the same environment where the child experiences difficulty speaking. This can help …Read More

  6. My Sister Tells Me To “Get Over” My PTSD

    Q: Over my lifetime I've had some bad stuff happen to me. Who hasn't really. Mine maybe worse than other peoples and more than one time. As a result I tend to be jittery, irritable, distrustful of others. I can fly off the handle easily, even with loved ones. Sometimes this wears on my family members. They don't know everything that's happened to me but they know I've had some trauma in my past. E…Read More

  7. Unequal Sex Drive

    Q: My desire for sex is not nearly what my husband's is. I know that physical intimacy is a very important way for us to keep our relationship healthy and for him to feel loved, and I don't want to hurt his feelings, but I'm just not that into it. What should I do? A: It's important to communicate openly and honestly with your partner about your physical intimacy. It can be difficult to talk about…Read More

  8. Too Friendly Co-Worker: Should I Be Concerned?

    Q: I think my husbands coworker is flirting with him. I try to point this out to him but he denies there is a problem. How can I convince him that he should be concerned? A: It can be difficult to convince someone of something if they are not open to the idea. In this case, it might be helpful to have a calm and honest conversation with your husband about your concerns. Try to listen to his perspe…Read More

  9. What Is the Best Type of Exercise For Mental Health?

    Q: Help me settle a debate. My best friend says that cardio is the best form of exercise to lift one's spirits this winter. I think I have Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and so we've been discussing it. I disagree; I find cardio repetitive and mundane and I would rather just lift weights. But I'm not sure it's going to help as much and he seems very confident in his opinion. What do you all thi…Read More

  10. Who Benefits From Parent Coaching & Counseling?

    There isn’t a one size fits all approach to parenting. We want to get to know you and learn about your family so we can work together to meet your parenting goals. Common parenting concerns that are brought to us include:  Difficult child behaviors  Sibling dynamics Parent-child conflict Separation anxiety Transition issues Problems at school Suspected or diagnosed disabilities  Parental burn…Read More