Elizabeth Carr

Dr. Elizabeth Carr, Founder

CEO and Senior Clinician

Hello, my name is Elizabeth Carr. I am the founder of Kentlands Psychotherapy. I started the practice in 2005 after spending six years as a Navy Clinical Psychologist. Although I continue to see a very small number of existing clients, I am closed to taking on new clients as my role is now primarily one of leadership, mentoring, and supervision of interns. Most importantly it is to ensure that your experience with us is exceptional in all aspects! You are always invited to share and discuss any feedback or concerns with me.

Animal-Assisted therapyRiley and I work together, he is our Facility/Therapy Dog.  He accompanies me in all my in-person sessions (unless he’s camping) and regularly visits with other clients in our waiting room. For more information about his role, scroll to the bottom of this page to see his profile.

More on how we came to work together can be found here in this Town Courier article about our ten year anniversary.

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Prospective Patients and Clients

Before proceeding with the staff profiles, please review the tables below for a quick orientation on which therapists see what populations.X

Child and Adolescent Clinicians

Minimum* Age Accepted Clinician
Preschoolers/Elementary/Middle (2-12) Jessica Payne, LMSW
Preschoolers/Elementary/Middle & HS (2-16) Daniela Nogales, LCPC
Elementary and above (6+) (Testing and Assessment) Megan Burleson, PhD
Elementary and Middle & HS (5-18) Jacy Perkins, PMH, CNS-BC
Elementary and above (10+) Jacqueline Flores, LCSW-C
Middle and High Schoolers (11+) (Psychotherapy & Executive Functioning Coaching) Megan Burleson, PhD
Middle Schoolers and above  (for Medication Mgmt only) Russell Carr, MD
High Schoolers and above  (14+) Nicole Beane, LCSW-C
Late High Schoolers and above (16+) Johanna Koenig, LCSW-C

* Maximum age for new clients is 16, Daniela Nogales; and 18, Jacy Perkins; and 30, Jessica Payne years-old respectively. All other clinicians have NO maximum age.


Adult ONLY Service Professionals

Populations Accepted Clinician
Psychoanalysis (18+) Russell Carr, M.D.
Individual Adults (18+) Dana Payes, LCSW-C
Individual Adults and Parents Jill Jacobson, Ph.D.
Individual Adults (21+)  and Couples Krista Beyer, Psy.D
Individual Adults (21+) Raffaela Peter, Ph.D.
Couples Kirsten Sidell, LMFT & Betsy Tseronis, LCPC
Couples Weekend Workshop Participants Angela Voegele, LCSW-C
Divorce Coaching & Parent Coordination (18+) Cherie Morris, JD, CDC


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Russell Carr

Dr. Russell Carr, Medical Director

CFO, Psychoanalyst & Psychopharmacologist

In 2019, Dr. Russell Carr transitioned to our practice after twenty years of active duty service in the Navy.  He is board certified in Adult Psychiatry through the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology (ABPN).  He also completed training in Adult Psychoanalysis at the Institute for Contemporary Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis (ICP&P) and is now a teaching and supervising analyst on its faculty.  Dr. Carr has extensive experience in patient care and leadership roles in psychiatryHis military experiences include two deployments to care for service members in combat zones, chairing the Psychiatry Department at Walter Reed from 2013 to 2016, leading a military assist mission in 2014 to train Ugandan military providers on treating severe PTSD, and serving as the psychiatry consultant for White House staff.  In 2013, he was selected as the only mental health care provider to testify with all three military Surgeons General before the Military Personnel Subcommittee of the House Armed Services Committee about the state of mental health care in the Department of Defense.  His work with patients over the past twenty years has covered the full gamut of psychiatric disorders and treatment settings, but he considers his areas of expertise to be trauma, anxiety, depression, and problems that arise for executives and their family members.  He has published numerous  peer-reviewed papers and spoken both nationally and internationally on suicide and the treatment of PTSD.  

In 2018, Dr. Carr was named a Distinguished Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association for his numerous contributions to the field.  When treating his clients, Dr. Carr believes nothing is more powerful than being understood by another human being. 

Dr. Russell Carr is available for executive medicine psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, and medication management (the latter being exclusively for middle schoolers and above who are current psychotherapy clients of the practice). 

If you are looking for standalone medication management/psychopharmacology, and you are not receiving psychotherapy at Kentlands Psychotherapy, we recommend individual adults consider Old Georgetown Mental Health Associates located at 10215 Fernwood Rd, Bethesda, MD 20817. Please contact them at (301)- 897-0099. They are a large practice with several excellent psychiatrists. 

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Cherie Morris

Cherie Morris, JD, CDC

Certified Divorce Coach & Parent Coordinator

Cherie’s legal training and prior practice of law make her approach to issues logical and reasoned. She began exploring alternative dispute resolution and mediation to understand how to change the nature of conflict and improve dynamics when conflict occurs, in litigation and otherwise, when a solely rational approach may not succeed. Her approach to conflict is that rational thinking must be accompanied by the ability to empathize and compromise in order to achieve successful results. Cherie had a long-term marriage, with children, which ended in divorce. This deepened her desire to explore how to make a very chaotic and stressful life transition a more organized, fair and cooperative one, when possible, in order to serve the best interests of children and adults. Cherie’s training as a divorce coach and parent coordinator was inspired by this experience. She strongly believes, from her own and her clients’ experience, that facing life transition with the support of an objective thinking partner helps clarify decisions in a supportive and accountable environment and is invaluable. Cherie has four children of her own and is part of a blended family. She is delighted to include her partner’s daughter and says they have a combined five. Life is always interesting and challenging.

Cherie’s work is non-medical. As such her services are not reimbursable with your health insurance policy. Call her to learn more about how she can support you and your family.

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Krista Beyer

Dr. Krista Beyer

Adults and Couples Therapist

Dr. Krista Beyer is a clinical psychologist with nearly ten years working at Kentlands Psychotherapy. She offers services in individual and couples therapy and works with adults and adolescents. She has experience working with a wide range of clinical and life/situational problems and specializes in the treatment of anxiety, depression, relationship issues, and life satisfaction. In therapy, she encourages active collaboration in session, including ongoing feedback from clients to ensure the most effective, efficient psychotherapy experience. This requires keeping the focus on the original goals while recognizing the value of flexibility in tailoring the therapy according to evolving needs. Her comprehensive approach to issues includes working to alleviate acute symptoms through practical, concrete strategies, such as cognitive-behavioral and mindfulness techniques, while recognizing that many symptoms arise from deeper issues and needs. This may include incorporating spirituality, diversity issues, and other considerations to facilitate self-understanding and growth.

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Megan Burleson

Dr. Megan Burleson

Psychological & Psychoeducational Testing Psychologist
Executive Functioning Coach
Adolescent & Young Adult Therapist

Megan Burleson, Ph.D. comes to Kentlands Psychotherapy from Howard County Public Schools, where she worked for a number of years as a school psychologist at a large high school with a specialized program for teens with Emotional Disabilities. At the practice, Dr. Burleson offers her clients a unique portfolio of psychological testing, coaching, and therapy services.

Dr. Burleson approaches therapeutic relationships with warmth, authenticity, respect, and dignity. She specializes in supporting youth with anxiety, depression, ADHD, learning disorders and disabilities, as well as those struggling to manage stress, peer relationships, and the development of executive functioning. She works with children and adolescents in middle school and above, as well as young adults. Dr. Burleson’s expertise extends to comprehensive psychological and psychoeducational evaluations and working with families and school teams to navigate the complex world of special education and Section 504. Grounded in her belief that young people thrive when they feel empowered and their support systems are aligned, Dr. Burleson works tirelessly to shine a light on her client’s strengths, advocate for their needs, and facilitate meaningful home-school collaborations.

Dr. Burleson graduated from the University of Maryland’s School Psychology doctoral program. She offers therapy, testing, and executive functioning coaching services.

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Jill B. Jacobson

Dr. Jill B. Jacobson

Parenting Support and Counseling

Dr. Jacobson joined Kentlands Psychotherapy in 2022. She previously directed the School Psychology Doctoral Program at the University of Maryland, where she completed her own doctoral training in 2013. Before that, she worked as a school psychologist in Fairfax County Public Schools in Virginia. In these roles, she provided parent and teacher consultation and worked with families and schools throughout the psychoeducational assessment process. As a parent of three, Dr. Jacobson is passionate about de-stigmatizing parent help seeking, building parent-child relationships, and promoting positive discipline practices. She supports her clients in meeting their parenting goals and raising resilient, thriving children.

From Dr. Jacobson, “Being a parent is arguably the most rewarding and challenging job you’ll ever have, and sometimes parents need extra support to navigate the tricky situations that come up throughout their parenting journey. Parenting isn’t just about your child–it’s also about you. Parents, and mothers in particular, often give so much that it leaves them feeling depleted and sometimes ineffective, instead of the calm and confident parent they want to be. You can’t pour from an empty cup, and there are many good parents who need extra support that simply isn’t available from a Google search, parenting book, or social media group. Each phase of your child’s life comes with unique challenges, and we can work together to develop the tools you need to parent effectively and experience joy and connectedness in your parenting.”

Dr. Jacobson provides warm, non-judgmental, holistic parenting support and counseling services to parents of children ages 1-10 and to parents of children and adolescents who are currently in therapy. She offers general parenting support (e.g., developing your parenting style, putting routines into place, finding consistent discipline methods, navigating transitions, addressing sibling dynamics), as well as counseling for parents whose child is struggling with a specific issue (e.g., anxiety, behavior, school difficulties). As a twin mom, she has a special interest in supporting parents of multiples (e.g., twins, triplets). She also provides support to parents of children with diagnosed or suspected disabilities and can help parents put evaluation recommendations into place, navigate school systems (e.g., IEPs, 504 plans), and collaborate with other professionals who may also be supporting the family.

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Raffaela Peter

Dr. Raffaela Peter

Adult and Trauma Therapist
Certified IFS Therapist

Dr. Peter has over two decades of clinical experience and is passionate about working with adults who want to rediscover their own inner workings. Dr. Peter utilizes Internal Family Systems (IFS) in her work which is a modality that highlights the client’s connection to their own Self and the relationship to the various parts that exist in each of us. Through this welcoming, non-pathologizing, and client-centered approach, it is possible to heal internal burdens that seemed overwhelming and impossible to work with before. While Dr. Peter specializes in (complex) trauma care, trauma is truly an experience that is subjective and dependent on various components, including and certainly not limited to, one’s own background, culture, attachment, legacies, etc. Dr. Gabor Maté described trauma as any event that left one feeling alone, yet how we work with these experiences in the aftermath is subjective. Dr. Peter welcomes any client who desires connection again and who is interested in holistically working with any part of them that needs attention. 

Dr. Peter completed her graduate training at Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton, Florida. She is currently an Associate Professor of Clinical Counseling and Clinical Coordinator at Bellevue University, training the next generation of aspiring therapists. Her research interests focus on survivors of incest and she believes that theory is best integrated through experiential learning. Dr. Peter is fluent in English and German and she can see clients who reside in Maryland as well as Florida. 

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Nicole Beane

Nicole Beane, LCSW-C

Senior Adolescent, Adult, and Parenting Clinician

Nicole Beane, LCSW-C is a licensed clinical social worker with close to 20 years of clinical experience. She holds the role of Clinical Educator and Mentor at our practice. Having grown up in Gaithersburg Maryland and attended Quince Orchard High School, she is well-versed both personally and professionally, in the issues regarding living in and attending school in Montgomery County. Nicole works with adolescents through adults.  Her work with adolescents and young adults often focuses on mood and anxiety issues, peer difficulties, “break-ups”, family life problems including divorce, school anxiety, suicidal and self injurious behaviors, marijuana & alcohol, eating disorders, poor body image and low self esteem from social media which has been described as: “a turbo charged, precision instrument for social comparison unlike anything in human history”.  When working with young adults and college students, she is also skilled at helping them navigate through what can often be exciting but confusing times in their lives as they transition into adulthood and try to find meaning in their life through work and relationships. When working with parents and adults, she enjoys helping them find balance in a chaotic world that involves social media, children, spouses and personal time. “Am I ruining my kids” is a question therapists often get asked. The answer is usually “no” , but Nicole can help you figure out a variety of effective strategies to help with communication with your child or spouse to make things easier for the family. Lastly, all parents need ways to help with our unending anxiety over our children’s lives.

Nicole’s previous experience working as a school therapist at The Children’s Guild, at Children’s National Medical Center at their Psychiatric Day Treatment Program and in private practice since 2004, has provided her with a tremendous wealth of knowledge and diverse clinical experience about a range of problems that teens, young adults and parents encounter. Nicole collaborates with all the important members in her client’s lives including psychiatrists, school counselors, professors, and other doctors. Nicole is recommended by Potomac Pediatrics for years of her consistently outstanding work. Nicole is warm and very compassionate and forms strong bonds with her clients that help facilitate positive change. Read her reviews and you will see how people feel about her loving spirit.

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Jacqueline Flores

Jacqueline Flores, LCSW-C

Child/Adolescent and Family Therapist
Certified Family Trauma Professional (CFTP)

Jacqueline Flores is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW-C) with 14-years of experience providing services to children, adolescents, and families. As a Certified Family Trauma Professional (CFTP), Jacqueline utilizes her in-depth training and years of experience to help cater to the needs and goals of families. Prior to joining Kentlands Psychotherapy, she worked with families at the Mental Health Association of Montgomery County (now known as EveryMind), as well as providing individual and family therapy at Howard County Public School System and Synergy Family Services. She tailors every therapy treatment plan by collaboratively working with the clients/families and understanding their goals and purpose in seeking support. Jacqueline compassionately works with those who are dealing with anxiety, anger, depression, grief, self-esteem concerns, family dynamic challenges, and trauma. Her experience as a school social worker and outpatient mental health therapist has earned her a wealth of knowledge in supporting clients and families in need of social emotional support. Her aim in family therapy is to help restore relationships through positive communication and learned coping strategies, for families to form and regain  meaningful bonds. Her warmth and calmness establishes a safe place for family members to share their thoughts, feel heard, and learn to better understanding of each other.

Jacqueline earned her Master’s Degree from the University of Maryland School of Social Work. She is only offering virtual services. Jacqueline is fluent in Spanish. She had evening hours available.

Jacqueline Flores’ CV (pending)

Johanna Koenig

Johanna Koenig, LCSW-C

Young Adult and Adult Therapist
Certified Clinical Trauma Professional (CCTP)
Certified Clinical Telemental Health Provider (CTMH)

Johanna Koenig, LCSW-C attained her Master’s Degree from the University of Maryland School of Social Work, graduating in the top 10% of her class nationally. As a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional (CCTP), Johanna merges extensive training in trauma treatment with years of experience in working with patients who have experienced trauma. 

Over the last five years of providing over 4500 hours of direct patient care, Johanna has specialized in implementing a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) approach in working with adolescents and young adults. Johanna is also trained in Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT). CPT is a manualized, highly-structured treatment that is a particularly useful evidence-based treatment for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder symptoms in adolescents and adults. Johanna is an Adjunct Professor in the Clinical Mental Health Graduate Program at Bellevue University where she utilizes her years of clinical experience to educate the next generation of mental health clinicians.

Prior to her work at Kentlands, Johanna has worked with at-risk youths, adolescentsadults, and their families in an intensive outpatient setting, focusing on a wide variety of disorders including ADHD/ADD, drug usage disorders, depression, and anxiety. Johanna completed 55 hours of crisis and suicide intervention from the American Association of Suicidology. She has worked at the Mental Health Association of Montgomery County as a crisis counselor, serving the Youth Crisis Hotline and National Suicide Prevention Hotline. She has a passion for working with young adults and adolescents in particular, as she is inspired by their openness and zest for progress. Johanna is a dual citizen, having lived in the US and Europe, and brings an international perspective to her practice. She is fluent in English and German.

As a Certified Clinical Telemental Health Provider (CTMH), Johanna currently only sees clients virtually. 

Johanna Koenig’s CV

Daniela Nogales

Daniela Nogales, LCPC

Child and Adolescent Therapist
Certified Parent-Child Interaction Therapist (PCIT)
Certified Selective Mutism Therapist (PCIT-SM)
Certified Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapist (TF-CBT)

Daniela Nogales is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (LCPC) who provides therapy to children, adolescents, and their families. She works with clients who are experiencing concerns around anxiety, selective mutism, self-esteem, depression, ADHD, peer relationships, life transitions, emotion-regulation, disruptive behaviors, and trauma. Daniela is passionate about empowering children and teens in navigating their feelings, thoughts, and stressors, and exploring coping tools that work best for them. She helps her clients make connections, gain insight, and have a better understanding of themselves through talk, play, and expressive art.

Daniela also has experience in working with young children by providing parenting support and preschool mental health consultations. She works with caregivers and providers through teaching them skills that will strengthen their relationship and promote the child’s self-esteem, social skills, self-regulation, and cooperation.

Therapy is provided in a warm, non-judgmental, compassionate, and collaborative environment. Daniela utilizes an integrative approach in order to meet the unique needs of each individual and family. She is a certified therapist in Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT)  and Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT). Daniela has received specialized training in PCIT for Selective Mutism (PCIT-SM),  Child-Centered Play Therapy (CCPT), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), mindfulness based techniques, and play and expressive therapies.

Daniela holds a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology from Loyola Maryland University. She offers in-office, in-home, in-school, and virtual sessions. Daniela is proficient in Spanish.

Daniela Nogales CV

Dana Payes

Dana Payes, LCSW-C

Adult and Young Adult Therapist

Dana earned her masters degree in Clinical Social Work  from Catholic University. She has worked with individuals in psychiatric hospitals, in high intensity group homes, and in out patient private practice settings. While she began working with children and adolescents, Dana quickly developed a passion for working with the family system as an integral part of a whole.  She has since been working holistically with adults, children, and families. Dana appreciates that in order for her clients to thrive, therapeutic attention must be paid to both a client’s inner emotional life and as well as their outer interpersonal connections. She partners with each client to address their needs as an individual and a member of a larger system be it family, social, or community. 

Dana understands that no two clients’ needs are the same. She implements a breadth of modalities in her work with her clients as she collaborates with them in identifying their needs and goals and tailor a plan to achieve their goals. These strategies could include Internal Family Systems for trauma informed care, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and mindfulness practices.  Dana has a special interest in helping clients find relief from the symptoms of sadness, depression, and anxiety. At her core, Dana foundation is as a psychodynamically oriented, client-centered clinician. She approaches clients with empathy and compassion in order to better understand attachment needs and tailor unique care to each of her clients so as to build deep and long-lasting therapeutic relationships.  Dana offers virtual services and plans to offer in-office in the future. She is licensed in Maryland and the District of Columbia, Washington, DC.

Dana Payes’ CV

Jessica Payne

Jessica Payne, LCSW-C

Early Childhood and Young Child Specialist
Certified Child and Adolescent Trauma Professional (CATP)
Teen and Young Adult Therapist

Jessica Payne, LCSW-C earned her master’s degree from the University of Maryland School of Social Work. She is passionate about working with young children, adolescents, teens, and young adults.

Jessica’s love for working with younger children crystallized while training at L0urie Center for Children’s Social and Emotional Wellness. She has experience working with children who have sleep issues, difficulty with emotional expression, shyness, aggression, anxiety, learning disabilities, as well as children going through major adjustments (i.e., divorce, grief, loss, relocation). With young children, Jessica uses the evidence-based practice of Child-Centered Play Therapy to encourage mastery, confidence, and flexibility. Her approach is warm, empathetic, playful and non-directive. As a Certified Child and Adolescent Trauma Professional, Jessica strives to make therapy a safe and inviting place for children so that they look forward to coming back.

Being born and raised in Montgomery County, Jessica knows first hand about the joys and struggles of growing up in the DMV. Jessica enjoys working with adolescents and teens who may be experiencing symptoms of depression and/or anxiety, as well as grief, loss, divorce, and social challenges. She has extensive experience advocating for children in schools and collaborating with clients’ 504/IEP teams as well as school counselors.

Jessica works with young adults (under 30) managing life transitions, depression, anxiety and trauma. She works with clients on “breaking the cycle” of intergenerational trauma and healing from attachment wounds. Jessica uses a relaxed, client-led approach to ensure that the client is leading the way in their own journey to healing.

In collaboration with clients’ dietitians and other healthcare providers, Jessica provides therapy for clients with eating disorders, utilizing an anti-diet, Health at Every Size, and weight neutral approach. Jessica comes recommended by Courage to Nourish.

She has in-person hours on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, and sees clients virtually on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Jessica knows how hard it can be to find the right therapist for you or your child and offers a free consultation call to discuss the process and her therapy style.

Jessica Payne’s CV

Jacy Perkins

Jacy Perkins, PMH, CNS-BC

Child and Adolescent Therapist

Jacy Perkins is licensed as a Clinical Specialist in Child and Adolescent Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing as well as a Registered Nurse. She completed her education at Catholic University of America in 1994, and has served children and families ever since. She became a Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse, Clinical Nurse Specialist-Board Certified in December of 1995. For four years, Ms. Perkins oversaw the Child and Adolescent Day Treatment Program at Children’s National Medical Center. She then worked with Patricia Murphy & Associates as a Certified Educational Planner for almost 15 years and as a therapist at Expressive Therapy Center for 12 years. She has extensive experience in the assessment and diagnosis of children, facilitating groups, (particularly for clients on the Autistic Spectrum), providing family and individual therapy, and worked with parents to develop behavior plans and contracts. Jacy provides children and adolescent therapy and associated parent support.

Jacy Perkins’ CV

Kirsten Sidell

Kirsten Sidell, LCMFT

EFCT Couples Therapist

Kirsten is a Marriage and Family Therapist with over 10 years of experience. Kirsten has additional training in Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy, and she uses this model exclusively with her couples. EFT is “a powerful, tested intervention to help couples repair rifts and build strong, loving bonds.”  She works with distressed couples, disconnected couples, couples dealing with an affair, couples with extended family conflict, with sexual frustrations, or couples who have had any sort of emotional injury within the relationship. The focus during sessions is on supporting couples to communicate more effectively; in a way that leads to increased connection, heightened intimacy, and greater satisfaction together. Couples learn their impact on each other and how to share their feelings in a way that strengthens their connection.

Kirsten has a collaborative, supportive, and tender style as she works with couples to repair, connect, and nurture their bond. Kirsten completed her training at the esteemed University of Maryland, Couple and Family Therapy Program. She is a licensed MFT Supervisor in the state of Maryland. She is also active in her community and serves as the President of Metro MFT, the Washington Metropolitan area’s Marriage and Family Therapy professional organization.

Kirsten Sidell’s CV

Betsy Tseronis

Betsy Tseronis,  LCPC

EFCT Couples Therapist

Betsy is a Couples Therapist with advanced training in Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy, and she uses this model in her work with  couples. She work with couples in distress and is passionate about couple hood and compassionate about all of the challenges that relationships face.  Whether you just hit a bump in the road or you have experienced years of growing apart, she can help you and your partner reconnect. 

Betsy is an Advanced (as of Jan 14)  Emotionally Focused Therapist (EFT).  The EFT process is explicit.  She will go down into the disconnection that you can no longer tolerate living in and help you both move together, step by step, out of chaos and anger toward a deeper, more meaningful connection. She works to create a safe environment for de-escalating anger and resentment.  With her you will examine the tension causing cycle you find yourself in and how this negative cycle is affecting each of you in the present moment. 

Prior to she work with EFT, she worked with both individuals and couples.  She provided therapy for people who experienced Post Traumatic Stress of emotional neglect, sexual assault, marginalization or relationship trauma such as partner violence and affairs.  EFT and trauma work go hand in hand as EFT conceptualizes relationship distress as “attachment trauma”.  She’s heard many people talk about relationship trauma the same way people talk about PTSD: hyper vigilance, depression, anxiety, fits of anger, self doubt and intrusive thoughts.   

Betsy received her post graduate degree from Johns Hopkins University and is currently in the International Emotionally Focused Certification program.  Certification is a rigorous process of 80 hours of coursework as well as supervision working with couples in distress.  Her course work is with ICEEFT recognized trainer Debi Scheminez from the NJ Center for EFT.  Her supervision is with the internationally recognized Baltimore-Washington Center for EFT.

Betsy resides in the neighborhood with her husband, four beautiful children, and their adorable, bacon loving dog, Phin.

Betsy Tseronis CV Pending

Angela Voegele

Angela Voegele, LCSW-C

Gottman Couples Workshop Leader

Angela Voegele, a graduate of the University of Maryland, is a licensed clinical social worker. She is a Certified Gottman Therapistwho teaches the popular Gottman two-day weekend communications workshop with us several times per year.  Angela is currently full and not taking individual or couples therapy clients. Angela is fluent in English and German.

 View Angela Voegele’s CV

Petra Desmond

Petra Desmond

Director of Administrative Hospitality

Hello, I’m Petra Desmond, the Director of Administrative Hospitality at Kentlands Psychotherapy. I’m generally in the office M-F, 9:30 AM – 3 PM. I’ll be working in the white furniture area past the restroom. You may not see me when you come in as I’ll be working behind the curtain to assist with all daily practice management concerns. I work closely with your clinician to ensure that your experience in our office is an exceptional one. Please communicate directly with your therapist to discuss setting and rescheduling appointments. But if you have a question about your account balance or are requesting receipts for insurance reimbursement, please let me know. I’m here to help. I am fluent in English, French, and German. Finally, if you are wondering what forms you need before your appointment, follow this link.


(240) 252-3349 ext. 807


Riley Carr

Therapy and Facility Dog

Hello, I’m Riley and I work with Dr. Elizabeth Carr here at the office. I absolutely love coming to work every day. I enjoy meeting and sniffing new people and welcoming visitors to the practice. I am still learning, so if I make a mistake please be patient with me. If I seem nervous when you walk in, give me a chance to get to know you. If you are nervous around dogs, please tell your therapist before your first appointment. If I am feeling confident, I can be available to pet and to do tricks for treats with adults and kids with whom I might cross paths in the waiting area between appointments. Just ask for some treats – the staff always have them on hand just out of my reach.

Check out my Riley_off_the_Clock Instagram account to see what I’m up to when I’m not at work!

To learn more about my job with animal-assisted therapy on Dr. Elizabeth Carr’s guest interview on Mastering Counseling podcast or on iTunes! (episode 14)