So you’re looking for a therapist for yourself or a loved one. You’ve come to the right place.

If you’ve found your way to this page you’re probably being very thorough in your search process. Good for you. It’s an important decision that you’d like to get right on the first try. Information is critical at this point and the more the better.

With that in mind, we have created this space to assist you in your research. We’ve begun a process of “crowdsourcing” feedback from our current and former clients to create a bank of information about our office, staff, and most importantly our clinicians.  In addition, when we find sources of information about Kentlands Psychotherapy on the internet we will share it with you on this page.

So we welcome you to come back for updates and to see how this resource grows. And perhaps at some point, if you settle on one of our clinicians, you can “pay it forward” by offering your own feedback to help the next person who, like you, are looking for that “just right” therapist for themselves.

Quantitative Ratings

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We had over 1401 “Faves” on our former booking platform Schedulicity.

Our Facebook Page currently has a 5/5 star rating.

We have a 4.9/5 star review rating with our Google listing 

We have a 4.9/5 star rating based on 33 reviews on Birdeye

We have a 4.8/5 star review rating based on 36 reviews with Top Rated Local

We see a 5/5 star rating for Dr. Elizabeth Carr on

We see a 5/5 star rating for Dr. Krista Beyer on

We found a very nice 5/5 star rating for Dr. Beyer on

We found an equally lovely 5/5 star rating for Dr. Carr on

We also found a “She’s Outstanding” comment with a 5/5 star rating for Dr. Beyer on

We found an “Exceptional Therapist” with a 5/5 star rating for Dr. Carr on

We see a 5/5 star rating for Dr. Elizabeth Carr on Health Grades

We see a 5/5 star rating for Nicole Beane, LCSW-C on Health Grades

We have four hearts on our Nextdoor page.

* information on ratings last updated 2/1/21

Best Of Gaithersburg Awards

Skill Set Recognition from Colleagues

Dr. Elizabeth Carr was endorsed for her “Psychotherapy” skills by 116 of her professional peers on LinkedIn. Other skills areas she was recognized for include: Psychology 75, Mental Health 46, and Clinical Supervision 63.

Dr. Elizabeth Carr was recognized by the media for her expertise by being featured in a piece by CNN on Postpartum Depression and Anxiety.

Dr. Elizabeth Carr and Dr. Krista Beyer were both regular contributors to the Well-Being section of Montgomery County Insight Magazine to write on topics related to interpersonal and mental health success.

Johanna Koenig, MSW, LGSW from a colleague on LinkedIn  –  “I had the opportunity to work with Johanna in a clinical setting. She always showed extreme professionalism and it was truly a pleasure working with her. Johanna is very knowledgeable in many areas of social work practice and I feel very comfortable referring clients to her. Johanna also takes time with each of her clients to truly to get to know them and provides them a positive therapeutic experience.”

Qualitative Reports

On Kelli and Max’s Social and Therapeutic Role-Play Groups:

“I have to tell you “Mikey” is always excited to join group each week. He often is all set to go and join early, as you and Max see. “Mikey” loves hanging out with everyone in the group. He hopes you offer it again!!! Thank you so much!!!”

“Joshua” is excited each week to play/chat. I can hear him talking up a storm which is great for a kid that has some social anxiety!”

On Nicole Beane, LCSW-C:

“Nicole Beane saved my family!  We first lucked into her when our daughter was going through school refusal in eighth grade. I love how she works with both the child and the parents. My husband and I really appreciate being able to work with Nicole on the best parenting strategies. Although she is technically our daughter’s therapist, I feel that I grew as a parent by leaps and bounds with her help.

We have been with her for over four years. Over that time, she has really grasped the essence of who our daughter is, and has both clued us into what to be on the alert for, as well as reassured us about her future.  She accurately diagnosed severe social anxiety and then ADHD and put us on the right path for help.

Our senior will be attending college in the area, and we are so glad that she will not have to find another therapist.  We owe so much to Nicole for getting us to this point.

Bonus:  Kentlands Psychotherapy occupies a lovely and calming space in the Kentlands.”

“Ms Beane has been a tremendous help to our family, my daughter sees her frequently and helps her in making big decisions”

“Nicole Beane at Kentlands Psychotherapy is amazing. I highly recommend her! She is warm and inviting which makes it easy for honest and real therapy to occur. Her calm and reassuring demeanor makes discussing difficult or stressful situations/topics easier. She is a consummate professional.”

“I live in the Kentlands and every week for the past two years I walk over to a therapy session with the lovely Nicole Beane. The location could not be more convenient, quiet and safe. I have had therapists in the past, but truly none as caring or devoted as Nicole. She’s not only a calming presence, but finds a way to connect and improve the most complicated and sensitive parts of you. Kentlands hidden gem!!!”

“Nicole Beane is great with my son. He is 12. We have been seeing her since he was in Kindergarten. The atmosphere is very nice.”

“We’ve worked with Nicole Beane, LCSW for several years. She was a major source of support and guidance through some difficult events. I highly recommend her for young people facing normal challenges of growing up, family crisis, depression anxiety and more. She’s kind, empathetic and professional!”

On Johanna Koenig, LCSW-C:

“I feel really comfortable here and that you actually care.””
“I appreciate coming here because you give me a new perspective, something I did not consider before.”
“Thank you so much for understanding… You’re helping her so much, I’m very grateful”
“My daughter just LOVES Johanna!”
“I haven’t felt this stable in years and I see a definite difference since coming here.”

“I feel that you aren’t judging me.”

“Using the CBT strategies I learned in sessions with Johanna has been so helpful to me. I haven’t felt this great in years!”

On Angela Voegele, LCSW-C:

Ms. Voegele joined our practice in 2017. Angela was recruited because of her exceptional credentials, being certified in both Imago and Gottman Couples Therapy approaches, as well as having AASECT certification in Sex Therapy (the only one in our practice to have this specialized training). You can see testimonials about her previous clinical work at the website . She also has reviews at the bottom of on her own professional website’s home page.

Angela recently completed a Gottman Couples weekend workshop at our office. It was full to capacity. The participates rated the workshop as a 4.86/5 point scale.

Qualitative Comments: “Fantastic presentation and pace;” “I really enjoyed Angela’s humility and wisdom. She knew the material well, add in some of her own stories from her experience with clients and also was straightforward with answers. She was reasonable in that she made it clear that this material is good so long as both partners make an agreement to do the hard work.” “Loved your energy and skill in presenting the information. Well placed and highly organized.” “Very thoughtful, engaged, and attentive to our needs. She kept on a very good schedule and completed all the expected coursework. Enjoyed her sharing from her own experiences to help us through the process.” “Good pace. Relevant slides helpful. 1:1 when we got stuck.” “Prefer your personal interpretations over videos and slides of other academic work.”

”It was a great workshop! A weekend with you is like 6+ months of weekly, 1 hour counseling sessions.”

”You, Angela, and the Gottmans helped us change our journey from divorce to powerful healing, repair and reconciliation. We will continue to practice what we learned and I thank you for being an important part of our journey.”

On her couples therapy work:

Good morning Mrs. Voegele,

I just wanted to send a happy e-mail saying thank you for all of your help in getting us through the toughest time in our relationship. You have made such an impact on our lives and we use your tools every day to become stronger as a couple (and also as individuals!!)

I wanted to share the exciting news that (M) and I got engaged over the summer and are planning our wedding for next September (of course, at the beach!)

We hope all is well with you and hope you continue to have success in your career (and personal life!! ❤️)

Thanks again for everything,

J and M

On Dr. Krista Beyer:

“Dr. Beyer brings a wealth of experience to the table. She is very perceptive, very supportive, and has a sense of empathy and compassion that are unmatched. I don’t have enough nice things to say about my experience with Dr. Beyer. She likes to speak in metaphors which REALLY helps me understand the point she is making, and doesn’t judge me no matter what I tell her. I would recommend her to anyone.”

“After working with my husband for several months, Dr. Beyer got him to be able to hear what I’ve been trying to tell him for over eight years! I finally feel heard and closer to him then I have ever felt.”

“We both really like Dr. Beyer and feel she cares about both of us and does not take sides.”

On Dr. Elizabeth Carr:

“Dr. Carr is my ace. As a primary care provider, I appreciate knowing a patient I refer to Dr. Carr will receive thoughtful, highly skilled care. I receiving glowing feedback from everyone I refer to her.”

“Kentlands Psychotherapy must be a wonderful place. I see Dr. Elizabeth Carr there every week & she’s terrific!”

“Dr Carr, helped me think through a very difficult situation. I felt like she was very knowledgeable and helped me to consider all the angles without pushing me in any particular direction. she’s a good listener and very caring.”

“I could not have gotten through this without you.  I appreciate you so much and our time together.”

“I feel so much better every time I come here.”

“We’ve made more progress here in the last three sessions then we did in a year of work with the other couples therapist!”

From Our Online Questionnaire

I’d like to offer praise and feedback for my therapist:
Dr. Elizabeth Carr – Founder
I would describe my therapist as . . . 
  • A good listener
  • Supportive
  • Non-Judgmental
  • Patient with my rate to progress
  • Wise
  • Compassionate/caring
  • Has good ideas/suggestions/advice
  • Knows her stuff/subject matter expert
  • Accessible by phone/e-mail/text
  • Best therapist I’ve ever seen
Additional comments about my therapist . . .
Dr. Carr has a wonderful way of speaking and giving examples to both my husband and I that we both can relate to. There is a real sense of comfort in her disposition.
Office Ambiance and Amenities
Seems nice, quiet and clean.
Online Scheduling Platform
Makes it easy and I like the reminders too. Dr. Carr also is great at being flexible with scheduling times.
I’d like to offer praise and feedback for my therapist:
Dr. Elizabeth Carr – Founder
I would describe my therapist as (check ALL that apply)
  • A good listener
  • Supportive
  • Non-Judgmental
  • Patient with my rate to progress
  • Wise
  • Compassionate/caring
  • Curious about my life
  • Has good ideas/suggestions/advice
  • Knows her stuff/subject matter expert
  • Accessible by phone/e-mail/text
  • Keeps me in the loop as a parent
  • Offers excellent referrals to community specialists
  • Keeps in regular contact with school, pediatrician, psychiatrist, etc
  • Best therapist I’ve ever seen
Additional comments about my therapist . . .
Dr. Carr is the most exceptional therapist I have ever met. My family chose to meet with her because of location. She has been our choice therapist ever since because she is second to none.