military-couplemilitaryAre you an active-duty military member who needs to address a personal issue on your personal time?

Are you a spouse or retiree looking for a private practice with someone who also understands military life? 

Are you concerned that going to a medical or family support center on base just isn’t confidential enough for you? Or does it not have the sort of “feel” you are looking for?

Do you work in a medical facility and want to see someone who isn’t a colleague?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then perhaps you’ve wondered what other options are available to you. Maybe you’ve considered seeing a civilian therapist, but aren’t sure where to start or how to choose the right person for you. Maybe you would like to see someone who understands the unique challenges that you and your military family face.

Perhaps we can help

At Kentlands Psychotherapy, we work with current and former military personnel and their loved ones from Maryland, Northern Virginia, and the District of Columbia who are looking for a private psychotherapy experience with a military savvy clinician.

If you would prefer a therapist who is a veteran, you are not alone.  A 2018 NIH reported study found that 77% of service members agreed that they “preferred veteran psychologists” for themselves.

Dr. Elizabeth Carr was an active duty Navy Psychologist for six years (1999-2005).  She has also been a military spouse since 2001.  She has lived with and understands geographic separations, separations due to deployments, dealing with kids feelings about deployments, and the stress and uncertainty of pending or last-minute changes in orders. She also understands why members might want a more private therapy experience if command intrusion, security clearance, fitness for duty, or addiction issues could be a factor.

As former active-duty officer, hospital staff member, and current military spouse, Dr. Elizabeth Carr understands how truly difficult it can be to find a mental health counselor or therapist that you feel safe and comfortable with.

Dr. Russell Carr is a recently retired Navy Psychiatrist. In his 20 years of service, he served on a ship, was deployed to Iraq, served in the executive medicine department at Walter Reed, and was part of senior leadership at Walter Reed for several years.

Give us a call, let’s see if we’re a “fit.”~ Dr. Elizabeth Carr 240-252-3349 ext. 801 (six years Navy – Psychologist) or Dr. Russel Carr 240-252-3349 ext. 802 (20 years Navy – Psychiatrist) or request an appointment now.


Do you have the long shadow of a traumatic experience continuing to impact your life? Are you wondering if it is PTSD? Below is a video that explains the basics of this diagnosis. If you are still concerned after watching, PLEASE reach out to us or another licensed Psychologist or other trauma specialist to be evaluated to learn about treatment options.

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