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Welcome to Kentlands Psychotherapy. We offer exceptional counseling, psychotherapy, and integrated psychopharmacology, as well as coaching, parent coordination, and mediation services from carefully selected, deeply respectful, compassionate, and highly skilled professionals. We provide boutique style care in a warm and cozy environment. Come see why our loyal clients love their experience with us!

Telemedicine services: kids, adults, & couples.

301 Inspiration Lane, Gaithersburg, Maryland 20878

We offer in-person psychoeducational testing services for ages 6 to adult for ADHD, learning disabilities, developmental disorders, and for admissions and accommodation needs.


Adolescences can be difficult, full of change, confusion, and heartbreak, especially during these times. Our therapists are experts in helping your child navigate this phase of life. We are to help you, help them.


Virtual and in-person couples therapy services. Based on over 30 years of research and development. Highly effective results that are maintain over time. Increase the trust, understanding, and connection in your relationship.


CNN Interview with Dr. Elizabeth Carr

As Seen on CNN


In May of 2015 Dr. Elizabeth Carr, a Clinical Psychologist, our Founder, and Senior Adult and Couples Therapist, was featured in a piece by CNN on the topic of Postpartum Depression and Anxiety. In this clip you will see Dr. Carr and a couple of mothers who have experienced symptoms of Perinatal Mood Disorders (Perinatal Mood Disorders are related to mood and anxiety symptoms that occur during pregnancy or up to one year postpartum) discussing what these symptoms can be like for new mothers and tips for what people can do when experiencing them. If you or someone you love is showing signs of anxiety or depression during her pregnancy or after the birth call us, we can offer assistance. We have talk therapists (psychologists, counselors, and clinical social workers - most mom’s ourselves) who can discuss a range of treatment options that can help.

Couple Therapy Maryland

Welcome to Kentlands Psychotherapy

Here you will find a brief introduction to our therapists and services.

Kentlands Psychotherapy's psychologists, psychiatrist, and psychotherapists offer psychotherapy, counseling, and medication management services for young children, teens, young adults, adults, couples, and families.  Regardless of your stage of life, we likely have an experienced clinician who will fit your unique needs.

We are in the midst of perhaps the most stressful time in our nation's collective history. If you have been feeling angry, fearful, irritable, stressed, anxious, or have been having trouble eating, sleeping, being productive, or finding enjoyment in life, you may be experiencing GRIEF. We are all grieving for the changes and added hardships that have come to all of our lives. The challenges that are affecting all of us to respond to the demands of the COVID-19 pandemic are daunting. You are not alone in this, we have experiened psychotherapists, psychologists, and a psychiatrist who is here to help. We offer virtual telemedicine services, as well as in-person when essential. 

Therapy for adults and young adults is collaborative, caring, and tailored to help you meet your desired goals. We offer specific psychotherapy plans (protocols) to address symptoms of Depression, Anxiety, adult ADHD, and Insomnia, including DBT informed therapy, as well as biomedical treatments such as in-office Alpha Stim sessions and Psychophamacological consulations and medication management services. See our adult page for suggestions on how to choose a clinician who is right for you.

For couples we facilitate communication between you and your partner and throughout the process offer specific time-tested (and researched) suggestions to strengthen your relationship by improving your friendship, and your emotional and sexual intimacy through relationship counseling.  We offer Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (EFCT), developed by Sue Johnson, for couples looking for a deeper exploration of their emotional needs new how to best understand and support one another. All of our therapists offer LGBTQ affirming relationship counseling services.

We also offer services for couples facing divorce and individuals dealing with a difficult ex, including divorce coaching and parent coordination, as well as wellness transformational mediation (alternative dispute resolution).

In our work with children and adolescents we see our role as being another trusted adult who cares deeply about your child and your family. A child therapist that you and your child can lean on for guidance and support. Someone who carefully strikes a balance between keeping your child's privacy while also facilitating your understanding of what's going on so you, as the parent, always feel "in the loop." We also offer in office psychoeducational testing for ADHD and learning disabilities as well as executive functioning coaching for a compensatory skill development.

We have Spanish and German Speaking individual and teen therapists, as well as our Director of Administrative Hospitality Petra Desmond who speak German, Spanish, and French.

Contamos con un terapeuta de habla hispana que ofrece terapia infantil, adolescente y familiar.

Wir haben Einzel-, Jugend- und Paartherapeuten sowie unsere Direktorin für administrative Gastfreundschaft, Petra Desmond, die alle deutschsprachige Fachleute sind, um Ihnen bei Bedarf fachkundige, fürsorgliche und deutsche Unterstützung zu bieten.  
Call us today to learn more about how the clinicians at our psychotherapy center could support you and your family's needs.

I wish you the very best,

Couples Therapy In Maryland

~Founder of Kentlands Psychotherapy