Psychopharmacology is a little known aspect of psychiatry that is highly specialized. According to the American Society of Clinical Psychopharmacology, “Psychopharmacology is the study of the use of medications in treating mental disorders. The complexity of this field requires continuous study in order to keep current with new advances.” This highly specialized field should not be practiced by just any mental health practitioner. The complicated nature of the human brain and the effects of medication(s) requires a knowledge base and continuous follow up work with a patient. Patients that are looking to treat their mental illnesses with psychopharmacology should contact Kentlands Psychotherapy in Gaithersburg, MD.

Certain men and women who suffer from mental illnesses can never overcome the symptoms with traditional psychotherapy treatments. Often this is due to an imbalance of hormones or other physiological changes within the body that cause changes in normal psychological function of a person. With proper treatment; psychotherapy and psychopharmacology, these individuals may be able to get their illnesses under control to their point where they can live a fulfilling and happy life. Medications will help normalize brain chemistry when prescribed by a qualified medical professional. Anyone who is taking any medications to treat mental illnesses should follow up with their psychiatrist on a regular basis to ensure that the effects of prescribed medications are positive.

At Kentlands Psychotherapy in Gaithersburg, MD we have ample experience with psychopharmacology. Our treating psychiatrists have all completed medical school, four years of advanced residency, and have spent ample time within mental health clinics. Each patient is different so no two treatment options will likely ever be the same. If you or a loved one needs help controlling their mental illness, call today to schedule an appointment.