Asperger’s syndrome, a neurological disorder on the autism spectrum, has become more commonly diagnosed in recent history. Therefore, there are many parents who come to us, concerned that their child may have Asperger’s. If you suspect that your child may have this disorder, it is crucial that you bring them into Kentlands Psychotherapy for child counseling in Gaithersburg. This is because each child presents a unique set of symptoms, so there is no way to diagnose your child yourself. However, there are certain behaviors to watch out for that may indicate Asperger’s syndrome.


Children with Asperger’s are often extremely preoccupied with one or a small number of interests. They can focus on one activity or interest for an incredibly long period of time.

Advanced verbal skills

Children with Asperger’s tend to speak more formally than is typical for children their age. They often have extensive vocabularies.

Social struggles

It is typical for children with Asperger’s to have difficulty reading social cues and body language. Children with Asperger’s are often isolated from their peers because they have difficulty understand other people’s points of view. They generally cannot understand sarcasm or jokes because they cannot understand verbal clues.

Need for structure

Children with Asperger’s generally need a strict routine. Changes in their routine generally lead to a complete emotional breakdown.

Sensory sensitivity

Children with Asperger’s often are extremely sensitive to certain sensations. They can be overstimulated by bright lights, loud noises, or certain textures.
If you suspect your child has Asperger’s, bring them into Kentlands Psychotherapy for child counseling in Gaithersburg. With expert help, your child can live a normal life. Contact us today.