It is no secret that communicating with teenagers can sometimes be difficult. As an adolescent, your priorities and experiences are just different than those of an adult. It can be easy to fall into a pattern of not really communicating with your teen; it may seem like you’re speaking two different languages, and you each end up speaking at each other as opposed to with each other. At Kentlands Psychotherapy in Gaithersburg, we understand the tension that can happen between teenagers and adults. We can help you improve your communication with your teen with our parent counseling. Until then, here are some tips for improving your communication with your teen:

Respect their opinions

A big struggle for many parents of teens is accepting that they are no longer children. The way you used to speak to your child now comes off as patronizing and immediately shuts down the conversation. It is important to show your teen that you respect their opinion in order to open the lines of communication. Listen to what they have to say and do not lecture them. Lecturing does not work. Ask your teen for their opinion to demonstrate that you really care what they think.

Keep it short

Be mindful of how much you are talking. Your teen is likely to tune out if you go on and on, so make an effort to get to your point. They will be more likely to listen to you if they know you won’t go on a long lecture.

Reinforce your love

As teens get older, they want more and more independence. While they still need your love and aaffection, they also do not want you to give them a huge bear hug in front of their school. Learn how to communicate your love for your child in a way that respects their need for space. Tell them you love them regularly, even when they are being difficult.

Communicating with teens is not easy, but it is easier with parent counseling in Gaithersburg from Kentlands Psychotherapy. Contact us for an appointment today.