What are Executive Functions?

Executive functions are a core collection of higher order mental skills that help us to learn, work, manage our lives, and interact with others. They include:

  • Inhibiting responses
  • Working memory
  • Emotional control
  • Sustaining attention
  • Beginning tasks
  • Planning and prioritizing
  • Organizing
  • Time management
  • Setting and working towards goals
  • Flexibly shifting between tasks
  • Metacognition (thinking about thinking)
  • Tolerating stress

Why Executive Functioning coaching? 

We all have executive functioning strengths as well as areas we could improve in. Some of us require additional supports and explicit guidance to boost performance in one or more areas. That is where coaching becomes valuable.

Dr. Burleson works with her clients and, when applicable, their families to evaluate areas of executive functioning strengths and those that need a boost. Coaching sessions generally include skill building focused on one executive functioning area at a time using situations and examples specific to the client. Growth is frequently measured throughout coaching and, as clients reach mastery in an area of executive functioning, the focus of coaching may shift to another prioritized area. Call us for details at (240) 25203349.