Speaking openly and honestly about mental illness is extremely difficult within the United States. This is partly due to the fact that there are very serious stigmas surrounding mental illness. The public’s lack of knowledge towards mental illness makes breaking through these stigmas incredibly difficult. Societal stigmas also cause some individuals who are affected by a mental illness to withdraw from society or skip treatment. Both of these side effects can be disastrous to those who are affected and the ones closest to them. A psychiatrist in Gaithersburg at Kentlands Psychotherapy can help men and women who are struggling with mental illness regain their confidence and their lives.

For years, professionals within the industry have been trying to change societal stigmas which are associated with mental illness. Those who are affected often feel a sense of shame due to their diagnosis. This causes them to feel as though they are society outcasts, and they begin a secret internal struggle with their illness. When professional care is not sought, isolation, and social discrimination are likely to occur. Through multiple research studies, it seems when lay people have more information about mental illness, stigmas are less likely to occur. More education helps people understand mental illness, and it helps them become more empathetic towards an individual who suffers from mental illness.

While patients struggle with the world and their mental illness, more information needs to be released to help lay people better understand mental illnesses. Kentlands Psychotherapy offers professional help to those who are struggling to bring their illness under control. A psychiatrist in Gaithersburg can help patients through a combination of psychotherapy, psychopharmacology, counseling, and more. Contact our office today. Stigmas surrounding mental illness may never fully go away, but our professionals can help those affected and their families live happier and healthier lives.