Marriage is no picnic. It takes hard work, fantastic communication, and unfailing respect and trust to make it work in the long run. While the great times may outweigh the hard times, a great many couples seek divorce. These couples believe that there is no way to get over the hard times. Many cannot get passed the fact that even when times are good, problems arise. Constant bickering and other problems can rear their ugly heads in front of children, friends, and family and weaken a marital bond. Marital counseling in Gaithersburg, MD is be an avenue that troubled marriages should take before filing for divorce.

While divorce may be an easy way out of trouble, what happens to those around you? In truth, a troubled marriage can hurt more than just the couple. Children, family, and friends may carry much more of the burden than a married couple realizes. All parties that are closely related to a troubled marriage may be positively affected by marriage counseling.

Prior to divorce, seek out marital counseling in Gaithersburg, MD through Kentlands Psychotherapy. A marriage counselor can teach a couple many skills and techniques that are necessary to move past troubles. Having a third party mediator may help a couple focus their disagreements into a more positive and constructive light. In this way the children and close friends will no longer be the outlets for backlash, anger, or a constant barrage of negativity. Marriage counseling will also teach couples how to identify and rectify problems without a screaming match.

There should be no negative stigma associated with seeking the help of a qualified marriage counselor. There is no quick fix for a troubled marriage. When you seek out professional help, all parties closely involved will benefit. Call today to schedule an appointment or to have any of your questions answered.