Married couples often come up against problems that they cannot seem to fix, often, it’s associated with the end of the honeymoon phase. While most couples expect this time to come, it does not mean that it is the end of the honeymoon phase as you know it. Do not let the passion and love you first felt begin to dwindle from your marriage. Sometimes all you need is a little professional help to reignite the spark. Instead of settling for the lackluster after-honeymoon phase, contact Kentlands Psychotherapy. We offer professional marriage counseling in Gaithersburg, MD that has been helping couples through even the toughest patches in their relationships.

When you feel the flame of passion dimming over time, call for professional help. Yours is not the only relationship going through a cool-down phase. Here are a few tips that you can try to reignite that honeymoon spark before you head into Kentlands Psychotherapy:

  • Make Your Partner A Priority: The world is a very busy place, the minute you put the needs of your partner on the back-burner is the minute that passion begins to fade. When you make your partner a priority, they will make you a priority. Never take your relationship for granted.
  • Remember To Be Lovers: Couples that are co-parenting or have been married for a long time often fall into a rut. They are successful at all other aspects of their lives, but their love lives take a hit. Remember you are in a marriage, not a business partnership. Take time out to remember what it was like to be a couple, schedule a date night, or take the children to their grandparents house. Deepening emotional and physical intimacy is imperative to keeping the honeymoon phase going strong.
  • Get Rid Of Electronic Noise: Technology can cause a strain in any relationship. It is okay to schedule “together time” that does not involve cell phones, internet, computers, etc.
  • Have Fun: Having fun with your partner is one way in which romance is kept alive. It also lets your partner know that you love and value them for more than intimacy and safety. These fun moments help deepen your connection on many levels.
  • Vacation Without The Kids: Sometimes all you need to do in order to put some spice back into your marriage is to get away from it all. Taking another “honeymoon” can help couples ignite their passion. A kid-free vacation can also help a married couple communicate more effectively and have the fun that they have been missing out on during their children-centric lifestyles. Stress and anxiety also tend to decrease while on vacation. A second honeymoon is a great way to “reset.” Try to focus on each other at least one time per year away from all other responsibilities.

To learn more about how to keep the honeymoon phase going well past the honeymoon, contact Kentlands Psychotherapy in Gaithersburg, MD. Our marriage counseling services are much more comprehensive than helping couples resolve major relationship problems. Let us help you solve your intimacy issues.