Problems arise in a marriage all the time. Couples that have incredibly strong communication skills will inevitably come to a resolution without professional help. On the other hand, these couples will have difficulties coming to a resolution when the problem is well outside of the “norm”. When fighting, or conflict resolution gets in the way of happiness, marriage counseling in Gaithersburg is an option. Kentlands Psychotherapy can help couples resolve their problems in a safe and comfortable environment. Getting help does not mean that you are failing in your marriage.

Small changes make all of the difference when trying to improve a marriage. Marriages take constant work, support, and unfailing love. Here are a few techniques that you may want to implement at home to help your marriage gain a stronger foothold:

  1. Romanticize The Bedroom: This should not be just a place to sleep, this should be a location in which you can retreat to become a couple once more.
  2. Take Time For One Another: A date night can do wonders to put the romance back in a relationship.
  3. Set Aside Electronics: Video games, cellphones, and computers can contribute to a couple drifting apart. Turning off these distractions can improve communication.
  4. Listen: Sitting down and actually listening to what your spouse has to say will do wonders for your marriage. This technique will also do wonders for communication skills.
  5. Support Goals: While criticism is usually easier, support means more. Your spouse will flourish under words of encouragement.
  6. Love Unconditionally: A marriage needs love. When couples genuinely love each other, many problems can be fixed with ease.

Improving a marriage can take time, effort, and sometimes a professional to help. Contact Kentlands Psychotherapy to receive the best marriage counseling services in Gaithersburg. We’ll help you rekindle the spark!