Whether you have been married for one month or ten years, how can you determine the health of your marriage? Married couples come up against many barriers through the course of their marriage, many are easily navigated, others cause problems. Without having a full-time marriage counselor at your beck and call, how do you know when rough patches are not leading to an unhealthy marriage. Many people do not even realize that they are in an unhappy marriage. How can you tell if your spouse is unhappy? Typically marriage counseling through Kentlands Psychotherapy in Gaithersburg, MD can help couples determine the health of their marriage.

Determining whether or not your marriage is healthy will take communication. Sit down with your spouse and go through a couple of different questions. If communication is a problem, marriage counseling in Gaithersburg can help create a safe and comfortable environment in which you can lay out your feelings. Here is a list of the questions you need to answer honestly:

  • Are you happy more often than you are upset?
  • Does your spouse and the life you built together make you happy?
  • Will your spouse encourage you on your worst days?
  • Does your spouse make a great day even better?
  • Do you find yourself having a worse day after laying out your concerns with your partner?
  • Is there mutual respect in your marriage?
  • Do you consider your spouse to be your closest friend?
  • Are you able to resolve conflicts with your spouse without excess stress and fighting?
  • Can you share your thoughts and feelings with your spouse even if they are not exactly in line with their beliefs or thoughts?

These are just some questions that can help couples open up a direct monologue with each other. These questions may be helpful on their own or they might help a couple consider professional marriage counseling in Gaithersburg. When extra help is needed, our services are always available.