Q: Normally around this time of year, our family starts planning our summer vacation. Of course the kids haven’t been vaccinated yet (and may not until the fall) and I’m worried it’s not safe. The whole thing has the family split on what to do, I say skip it this year, but my husband and the kids are advocating for making plans. I don’t want everyone mad at me, but I’m not sure I can bend on this one either. Help!

A: You’re not alone in your dilemma. So many of us are in the same boat! Talk with your husband to ensure you’re both on the same page. Be curious about each other’s perspective and validate, explicitly, what you’re hearing from your partner. Avoid being dogmatic and instead strive for a solution that works for everyone. Once the two of you have come to

some agreement, share the plan with the children. Hear out and validate your kid’s reactions (ideas and feelings) while staying clear that the decision is ultimately the parents. Avoid giving the kids the impression that they have a deciding vote if they don’t. Doing so causes resentment. Finally, if you decide to stay home, once everyone has resigned themselves to the no travel plan, creatively brainstorm as a family several staycation activities you all can do together to bring some joy to the summer break.

Originally posted in The Lakelands Leader in April 2021.