When it comes to understanding the professionals who deal with mental health, there are a lot of gaps in the knowledge base. Many people do not understand the basic definitions associated with certain mental health care professionals. When you do not know which mental health professional does what, how do you choose the best person to help you through your problems? To begin, what is a psychiatrist in Gaithersburg, MD, what do they do, and how can they help?

The American Psychiatric Association defines a psychiatrist as “a physician who specializes in the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of mental health and emotional problems. Because of extensive medical training, the psychiatrist understand the body’s functions and the complex relationships between the emotional illness and other medical illness.” So if you did not know before, a psychiatrist must be a medical doctor. These professionals are fully licensed and offer pharmacological intervention when dealing with mental health conditions. A psychiatrist will use a full array of medical and psychological testing procedures to diagnose an underlying medical or mental health condition.

Unlike a psychologist, a psychiatrist utilizes many different aspects of medicine to help a patient that is dealing with mental health conditions. A psychiatrist utilizes psychotherapy, medications, hospitalization, and behavior modification techniques to help patients under their care. Each treatment is tailored specifically to match a patient’s needs. A psychiatrist in Gaithersburg, MD can truly help those that are affected by mental illness. As many Americans are affected by mental illnesses, you need to understand that there is professional help available and that you are not alone. Call today to make an appointment.