There are five categories of mental disorders that can affect Americans. These conditions are dealt with by mental health professionals on a daily basis. Individuals that are in need of psychiatric treatment in Gaithersburg, MD will be thoroughly assessed by a psychiatrist before any diagnosis or treatment begins. A psychiatrist in Gaithersburg will assess, diagnose, and come up with a comprehensive treatment program for individuals that suffer from anxiety disorders, mood disorders, psychotic disorders, and dementia. The fifth category in which a psychiatrist rarely treats is eating disorders.

Individuals that are suffering from these mental illnesses should know what treatment options are available to them when they choose a psychiatrist at Kentlands Psychotherapy for treatment. To help those affected by mental health disorders, Kentlands Psychotherapy has compiled a list of common psychiatric treatments:

  • Pharmacotherapy: This specialized treatment option can only be prescribed by a licensed psychiatrist. This intervention utilizes medications to treat or manage certain mental illnesses. Typically this treatment option is done in conjunction with one or more psychiatric services.
  • Inpatient: When an individual is hospitalized for their mental disorder a psychiatrist can prescribe a patient-specific treatment program until they are able to leave the treatment facility.
  • Behavior/Cognitive Therapy: A psychiatrist will use these certain techniques to modify behaviors that are seen as maladaptive. A psychiatrist will also try to help a patient think in ways that will decrease maladaptive behaviors.

A psychiatrist in Gaithersburg can offer patients a wide variety of treatment options. They also put value in combination therapy for patients that need pharmaceutical and mental well-being intervention. Every patient is different so every treatment option will need to be individualized. Contact a professional at Kentlands Psychotherapy to learn how we can help you manage your mental health disorder.