Communication is one avenue of a relationship that may need to be improved upon. Bad communication skills can lead to arguments, unhappiness, and more. Many people who are dissatisfied with their relationships often cite communication as one of the main sources of dissonance. Long set, poor communication patterns can be difficult to overcome without the help of a professional. Couples therapy in Gaithersburg, MD at Kentlands Psychotherapy can help couples gain the skills they need to improve their communication skills and save their relationships.

Any changes that need to take place in a relationship cannot, and will not, occur overnight. Thankfully, change can occur, and here are a few tips that couples can begin to implement at home to improve their communication skills:

  • Ditch Half-Listening: Most problems occur when one or both partners go about their daily lives only half-listening to the other individual. When your attention is not fully focused on your partner, trouble ensues. Put down the phone, shut off the TV, and be fully committed to the conversation at hand.
  • Think First, React Second: Do not react out of anger or irritation. Take a moment, gather your thoughts, and then react.
  • Fact Check: This works best when addressing certain issues such as, chores, bills, listening, etc. Stick to facts, do not assign blame, talk through the situation without reacting out of anger or irritation.
  • Empathy: Your significant other might be going through something. It is always a good idea to put yourself in their shoes. Understanding where they are coming from is paramount to open and honest communication.
  • Talk As A Couple: Stop conversations that begin with “YOU” statements. Instead, speak as though you are a couple by utilizing the phrases “I feel,” and “I worry.” Using “YOU” statements assigns unnecessary blame. Both partners are equally to blame for a lack of communication.

Changing poor communication skills is a difficult thing to do without professional couples therapy in Gaithersburg. Contact Kentlands Psychotherapy to learn how our professionals can help you gain the skills necessary to open new avenues of communication within your relationship.