Q: Summer is approaching and with that comes the anxiety of having to wear more revealing clothes. I always feel so insecure about my body and it prevents me from enjoying the season to the fullest. Do you have any advice on how to become more accepting of my body and feel more confident in my own skin?

A: You are certainly not alone since insecurities become more prevalent during the summer. It is essential to acknowledge that every body type is different, and society forces a narrow depiction of bodies. It is not an easy task to counter your insecurities, especially with the unrealistic standards set on social media. To combat the unrealistic bodies social media promotes, you should manage your social media feed to stop showing these figures and follow more accounts that install confidence and happiness in you. Along with catering to your social media feed, make sure to acknowledge your body’s capabilities. Remember to treat your body kindly and how you would treat another body. You wouldn’t criticize another person’s body, so why do that to your own? Most of all, do not equate your self-worth or pleasure to appearance. ​​It is challenging to get to the stage of loving your body. However, with these changes to your life, you will begin feeling more accepting of yourself and more confident.