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Do you remember what it was like when you began looking for therapist?

Remember how daunting it was to try to find someone good? Someone skilled, likable, who’d make you feel understood and comfortable? Or someone you would trust with your child? We do. We’ve been there.

Perhaps you even scoured the internet looking for any crumbs of information about the perspective therapists you were considering (Google, LinkedIn, maybe even Facebook) looked for any details you could find until you felt a little like a cyber stalker.

Don’t feel bad. Everyone does it. We  do this because there is not nearly enough information about mental health clinicians for consumers  to feel confident in deciding who to choose for such an emotionally intimate relationship.

We would like to see this change.  We’d like to offer our neighbors and the greater Montgomery County community as much information as possible about our therapists so that people have a little easier time figuring out with whom they might feel comfortable taking a chance. And it IS a chance

Meeting a stranger, professional or not, and telling them very private information about yourself on a first meeting is a risky thing to do.  If it doesn’t go well, maybe you’ll have the emotional bandwidth to move on and try someone else, maybe you won’t.

Would you like to help others who are searching for their future therapist and are desperately seeking as much information as possible?

If so here is what you can do. Fill out our praise and feedback form below, as much or as little of the form as you’d like. We will be posting folks’ anonymous feedback onto our site so that psychotherapy seekers like yourself can benefit from what you’ve already learned through your own experience.

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