Our Services

Psychological and Psychoeducational testing and evaluations can be a tool and resource for individuals who have challenges in academic, social, or occupational areas. Testing can help to clarify diagnoses, recommending specific accommodations for school or work, and for understanding cognitive or emotional functioning difficulties. 

Our Assessment Services

    • ADHD/Executive functioning concerns,
    • Developmental Disorders,
    • Mood/Personality/Behavioral Disorders,
    • Learning Disorders (including for school and testing accommodations),
    • Intelligence Assessments (IQ),
    • Emotional Problems, 
    • Admissions

Dr. Megan Burleson conducts evaluations for children age 6 to adults when there are concerns regarding attention, concentration, memory, and learning, which often go along with anxiety and depression. Effective treatment begins with an accurate diagnosis.

Our Assessment Process

    • An initial mtg to discuss the concerns that have brought the individual or parent in for the assessment, including an interview with the testing subject and parents as appropriate
    • The administration of tests and other tools to develop a detailed understanding of the individual as it relates to the referral question,
    • A comprehensive written report, including recommendations for interventions and accommodations for occupational or academic success,
    • Final findings and a treatment planning meeting to review the results with the individual and/or parent/s.



We can also provide tailored wrap-around psychotherapy support services to implement the treatment recommendations identified by the evaluator specifically targeted to improve our client’s quality of life and assist them in reaching their full potential. These services can include, if requested, attendance at IEP meetings, therapy and executive functioning coaching services, referrals as appropriate to other specialists such as specific types of psychotherapy, neurology, psychiatry (medication services), audiology, developmental pediatrics, etc., and we have professional relationships with local education advocates and education law attorneys.

Our psychologist conducts all of your testing personally. We never use students or paraprofessionals to administer tests and conduct interviews. Call us for details (240) 252-3349 Ext. 807.