“To achieve a lasting loving bond, we have to be able to tune in to our deepest needs and longings and translate them into clear signals that help our lovers respond to us. We have to be able to accept love and to reciprocate.”
– Dr Sue Johnson co-creator of EFT


Emotionally Focused Therapy is the most effective modality to learn how to communicate explicitly with your partner.  EFCT guides you down the most successful pathway to ask for forgiveness as well as how to accept forgiveness.  Through the EFCT process you will forge a strong, secure and meaningful connection with your most important relationship.  

When our relationship is in despair and we are arguing about money, kids, sex, work and household duties, we feel chaotic, desperate, overwhelmed and alone.  It feels like every time we turn to our partner in discussion it ends in a disaster.  If those who are most important to us walk away from conversations, say “get over it” or appear occupied with their devices, we feel hurt, anxious and depressed.  If this happens long enough it triggers the feeling “my partner is not there for me when I need them.”

Perhaps our experience with our partner is different.  We see them as “too needy”.  It appears there is always something our partner is upset about.  We feel like we are walking on eggshells.  We feel criticized.  Deep down thinking “I can’t do anything right in this relationship”.  When this continues to happen it becomes the way we interact with each other everyday.  Once this negative cycle of communication and relationship disconnection takes hold, our most important relationship feels like a place of loneliness and stress. This is when most couples turn to therapy. We are looking to heal or we are trying to figure out if we can make this relationship safe again.  

Here is what you can expect in EFT couples therapy

  • You can expect your EFT therapist will quickly identify your negative cycle of communication.  
  • You can expect that your EFT therapist will provide a safe environment for each person to discuss needs and desires for the relationship.  You will learn how to turn towards each other and communicate this need with a clear message. 
  • You can expect your EFT therapist will guide you through the rough terrain of past disappointments, hurts and feelings of abandonment.  
  • You will begin to experience the most important relationship in your life not as a place of loneliness and stress but as a secure and fulfilling home base.


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Our Advanced EFT Couples Therapists

Kirsten Sidell, LCMFT

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