Separation & Divorce Decision Making and Support

Are you considering separating or divorcing?
You could probably use some expert guidance and support. We have just the professional to assist you.


Cherie Morris, JD, CDC is an attorney by training, a divorce “survivor/thriver,” and a certified divorce coach. She understands the stages of marital distress, uncertainly, decision-making and, if necessary, the separation and the divorce process in the DC/MD/VA area. She has en extensive Rolodex of area family law attorneys, certified divorce financial planners, and countless resources that can help you develop a plan to move forward, to navigate the court system, to deescalate yourself, to avoid provoking your soon-to-be ex, and to take care of yourself throughout the process.


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A divorce agreement is a very important contract that requires each party to recognize, and to think about, the long-term consequences of taking specific action now. It is very important to understand and analyze each decision in divorce carefully and rationally, with a strong consideration for yourself and a relationship with a former spouse that may continue well into the future, especially when there are children involved.

There are many professionals who may serve an individual in divorce, but a divorce coach may be the only one acting as an objective thinking partner who will help you decide, at a reasonable cost, how to frame important decisions that will serve you and your children both now and in the future. We believe that the best interests of children are served in divorce when the adults act as their best selves, inspiring their children to see that flexibility and resilience are important qualities to possess. This applies whether you are contemplating, in the midst of, or have post-divorce complications.

Learn to thrive in life after a divorce. Please give Cherie a call for more information about her services at (240) 252-3349 ext. 812 or email her at CMorris@KentlandsPsychotherapy.