Could your teen or tween use some help with his or her confidence?

Perhaps he or she could benefit from some structured face-to-face or virtual confidence coaching?


Confidence Coaching for Teens and Tweens

I am Jennifer Markoff, a certified life coach who specializes in helping adolescents find their way. As a coach, my focus on creating self-confidence in teens by showing them what they cannot see for themselves and teaching them to manage the most underutilized asset they have: their mind. I believe that my life’s purpose is to help young people flourish from the inside-out though self- awareness, purpose, kindness and love.
As children become teenagers, we don’t always realize how much rewiring is going on in their brains. Oftentimes they seem to regress in their coping abilities all while facing more complicated teen-related issues. We want our teens to be more responsible, communicative, and to lose the insecurity and anxiety—but how?
The life coaching tools and strategies that I teach are a straightforward solution to the day to day dilemmas that our adolescents face. It is my goal to help your teen thrive as they navigate the transition from a dependent child to an independent adult.
I strive to arm tweens and teens with practical skills and strategies that can be applied right away. They are essential life skills that each teen needs, but likely isn’t getting.

My confidence coaching program prepares teens to:
•manage their mind and thoughts
•feel and process their emotions
•choose where to place their focus
•navigate social situations with confidence
•handle peer pressure and nurture healthy relationships •set and work toward goals
•minimize stress and overwhelm •practice self-acceptance and self-love

Group Coaching

Six week program
Teens learn the coaching concepts in a small group setting amongst their peers. Our conference rooms are relaxing, inviting and designed to make teens feel comfortable and safe. Group coaching is a highly effective way for teens to absorb the material as they soon realize they are not alone in their experience. Learning together can be tremendously empowering as teens interact with their peers face to face, discuss and ponder thought provoking questions and see first-hand how other teens learn to apply the coaching tools in daily life.


Request Confidence Coaching Services with Jennifer


Starting Tuesday 4/21/20 – 5/26/20

Girls 11-13 y.o.
6-7 PM

Girls 14-16 y.o.
4:30 – 5:30 PM

Starting Thursday 4/16/20 – 5/21/20

Boys 14-16 y.o.
4 PM

Group coaching sessions are $400 and run for six consecutive weeks and are one hour per session. Sessions are held at Kentlands Psychotherapy.
Following the six weeks, a booster package of three 1:1 sessions with Jennifer may be added to help reinforce the coaching concepts.

(Booster sessions to do not expire and can be conducted in person at Kentlands Psychotherapy or virtually in the comfort of your own home.)


Individual 1:1 Coaching

Nine week program
Individual coaching provides teens with a safe and non-judgmental place to be heard. In addition to learning the coaching principles, your son or daughter will benefit from having another adult in their life that he or she can trust. It is truly my joy to teach and interact with our young people one on one. My coaching is a powerful mix of mentorship, humor, unconditional support and acceptance as we pave the way to a happier and more fulfilling life.
Jennifer’s 1:1 coaching programs are $1,350 and run for 9 consecutive weeks and are 50 minutes per session. Sessions can be conducted in-person at Kentlands Psychotherapy, but most often occur virtually in the comfort of the child’s home; wherever your teen has a quiet private space and a good internet connection.

(Following the nine week program, a booster package of three may be added to help reinforce the coaching concepts and offer support. Booster sessions do not expire)