[ree-kuh m-pohz]


1     compose again; reconstitute; or rearrange.

2     to restore to composure or calmness.


Attention: All Recompose Us services can be provided virtually online by our experienced professional team.


Are you at an impasse with a family member, co-parent, or business partner?


Would you like some assistance in resolving the matter while preserving the relationship?


We would like to help. We are a wellness-informed, relationship prioritizing dispute resolution collaboration called Recompose Us


Whether you need to end your marriage and transition to a two-household family, or you’re at an impasse with a spouse about the use of your frozen embryos, we are here to help! If you’re at odds about pet sharing, grandchild visitation, shared elder care cost and responsibilities, or are having a family business disagreement, we want to support your journey to resolve the conflict.

Whatever the issue, our services are designed to support you in navigating through the process with grace, strength, and compassion, so you can resolve the matter in the privacy of our offices, away from a courthouse.


Why Are We Located in a Psychotherapy Practice?

Navigating Disputes often means exploring relationships. This can be personal, as with an intimate partner or family member, business partner, employee or associate, or some combination of the two. Partnering with professionals who can help you create the mindset for success means exploring the modality that’s the right fit for your dilemma. This may be a coach, for an adult or teen, a therapist, for an adult or child, a certified financial expert, an attorney mediator, or your own personal lawyer too. We are centered in the heart of wellness to offer you the right tools for whatever you face and will make sure you get a right fit for however you define success.  

How can Wellness Emphasized, Problem-Solving Benefit You and Your Loved Ones and Business Associates?

Today’s world, with so much complexity, requires us to not just solve a particular problem, but also to consider it as part of our larger world. Our holistic approach means you will gain access to tools and methods that help you create a plan for a framework to approach not only your current dilemma but also how you might translate that to what’s next too. 

How Can the Skills We’ve Learned from the Mental Health and Coaching Communities Help You Become More Effective at Collaborating with Others when You’re in Disagreement?

Sometimes when we face conflict, we are reactive rather than responsive to it. This means we may need to examine what’s underneath the reaction to understand whether its serving us and/or our loved one or business associates. The combination of mental health support, as needed, while working closely with a coach whose practice is informed by her analytical training means you have the support to free yourself from reflexive response to align your action with your true underlying values. We can help you get there, one step at a time.


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Who Am I? What’s Brought Me to Having such a Passion for this Work?

Cherie Morris

I’ve spent much of my life navigating relationships and the conflict that necessarily arises in them. I was part of a blended family as a child and now as an adult too. I experienced divorce as a two year old child and as an adult mother of four. I have spent many years studying conflict resolution, first as an undergraduate and then as a practicing lawyer. My additional training in mediation and coaching is always about the possibility for agreements and how to achieve what people want and need. My own experience makes clear that those with the most contentment in their lives usually find balance between extremes. This necessarily requires compromise and cooperation with others. However, shifting our own necessarily limited perspective can be difficult.  My current full-time work and training, in transformational mediation and coaching, helps all of us to show up as our best selves, when we are most receptive to absorbing both the energy and ideas of others. This takes time and a willingness to embrace many modalities: coaching, mindfulness, maybe a referral to legal help, and therapy too. I’m here to help you connect you with what you need to achieve a resolution of your conflict that works for you.

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