Choosing the right medical professional to help you with your problems should only be done after you have a great sense of what each professional is trained to do. Most people that need help do not know whether to work with a psychologist or a psychiatrist in Gaithersburg, MD. A lot of these people believe that these medical professionals are one in the same, and this is where the confusion starts. While these medical professionals cross paths every so often, they are two distinct professionals that deal with different areas in the mental health profession.

Details of Psychiatry

A psychiatrist must attend medical school and pass all examinations. These medical professionals will also attend residency that specializes in patients with mental health disorders. Once a four year residency program is completed and a specialization has been chosen, a psychiatrist must pass a board examination to practice medicine and psychiatry within their chosen state. A psychiatrist can prescribe medication and can prescribe institutionalization or a hospital stays for their patients. Psychiatrists will often send their patients to a psychologist for mental health counseling once chemical imbalances, or other underlying medical conditions become better controlled.

Details of Psychology

A psychologist must graduate from graduate school and a doctorate program in psychology. Unlike a psychiatrist these individuals will need to complete a few years as an intern and/or a few years as a supervised practitioner. State examinations must be passed in order to practice psychology. These mental health professionals deal with non-pharmacological intervention for mental health disorders. A psychologist and psychiatrist often work with many of the same patients to offer superb care.

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