Stress, anxiety, and relationship issues can take a toll on us all. These issues can become cyclical and put a strain on interpersonal and intimate relationships. They can also cause changes to our emotional, physical, and spiritual health. It is not surprising that many people who are dealing with excess stress, anxiety, and relationship issues reach out for help by means of couples therapy in Gaithersburg, MD. Without professional help, the chances of resolving all of these issues on your own, without ending your relationship, can be very low.

When trouble arises within a relationship, it is best to sort through the issues at the earliest signs. Here are a few signs that couples therapy is right for you and your partner:

  • Emotional Changes: Relationship troubles can cause emotional health to tank. Many people find that they make a big deal out of a small problem, they speak more rudely to telemarketers, waiters, etc. When you find that you are becoming easily angered or emotional, there may be a relationship issue to blame.
  • Physical Changes: Emotional problems usually lead to physical changes in health and well-being. Eating and sleeping habits can be one of the most easily identifiable changes. Relationship troubles can also decrease the health of your heart.   
  • No Face-To-Face Time: Men that stay in constant contact via text message, and lack the face-to-face time with their partner are more likely to be unhappy. Couples that rely on text messaging instead of effective communication are less likely to come to an agreement over serious issues.
  • Hiding Information From Your Partner: Couples in which one or both partners shy away from talking about issues, or hide information, never resolve conflicts. Instead, these issues (which may have been ineffectual) become a huge problem and a source of discord.

To keep your relationship as healthy as possible, reach out to Kentlands Psychotherapy. Our professional couples therapy is a fantastic option for individuals who live in or around Gaithersburg, MD. Our office provides a safe and welcoming environment in which couples can learn to air their grievances with an impartial third party to help smooth over the rough patches.