You are planning your wedding down to the last detail. After spending months obsessing over tiny details, have you given any thought to premarital counseling? Premarital counseling is one of the most overlooked aspects of wedding planning. Should engaged couples spend the time, money, and energy necessary to complete premarital counseling before their “I Dos”? Many professionals would say that this step is a must-do for engaged couples, others would disagree. What many couples do not understand is that premarital counseling services help a couple build a solid foundation that is necessary to begin a marriage.

Kentlands Psychotherapy offers outstanding couples therapy in Gaithersburg, and this service encompasses premarital counseling. Often times many engaged couples go into a marriage with unreal expectations of what will follow, like a forever honeymoon phase, buying a home, coming home to flowers or a home cooked meal, having babies, etc. It is important that engaged couples set an agreed-upon time frame for major life decisions. Couples therapy is a great way to give engaged couples the tools that they will need to resolve fights and arguments in a constructive manner. Couples therapy will also allow each individual a safe location to air their fears about marriage before they become a life-altering problem.

Premarital counseling services are also a great way for couples to discuss bigger issues; children, money, immediate family, etc. Once all of these problems are laid out, there is a professional available to help couples come up with a reasonable (and agreed upon) plan of action. Professional couples counseling in Gaithersburg through Kentlands Psychotherapy offers engaged couples a way to begin their future together in the most positive manner possible. Give us a call to schedule an appointment.