Family therapy helps families improve the way they communicate and resolve conflicts. Family therapy can be a healing experience, and you may find that it strengthens your bonds to each other. If there is conflict in your family and you are having difficulty communicating with one another, family counseling may help.

At Kentlands Psychotherapy, we specialize in family therapy. Our therapists approach therapy with the goal of helping you heal from the past, and giving you tools with which you can cope with conflict in the future. Here are our tips for getting the most out of your first family therapy session:

Write it down.

Some people have a lot of ideas about what they want to bring up in therapy, but then find their mind goes blank when they are in front of the therapist. If there is a particular family issue you want to discuss during your family therapy session, try writing down all your thoughts to keep you organized.

Be honest.

It is difficult to be candid with your feeling sometimes, especially when you are feeling vulnerable. However, being honest about your emotions will aid the process of therapy. Trust that your therapist has the training to help you and your family through the uncomfortable parts of therapy in order to deepen your relationships with each other.

Keep an open mind.

Just as you must be honest, so must your family members; therefore, you may hear some things that challenge you. It is important to try to keep an open mind. Let your walls down and allow yourself to consider the points of view of your family members. Therapy will be a lot easier if you empathize with your family.
When you need family therapy, Kentlands Psychotherapy can help. Contact us today.