There are very few relationships that do not face their fair share of concerns or issues. Healthy relationships can be ruined by putting issues on the back burner or blatantly glazing over the most concerning issues. In order to keep a relationship from ending, effective communication is something that both parties need to improve upon. It is perfectly normal for couples to have a difficult time bringing their issues out into the open, knowing that there may be repercussions to their speaking up. Professional couples therapy in Gaithersburg, MD can help couples of any age learn how to speak in an open and honest manner about their concerns.

Avoiding deep and meaningful conversations about problems and concerns may be much easier than confrontation, but there are personal and couple-related ramifications. Playing the avoidance game can lead to resentment, a broken intimate connection, and a decreased levels of happiness. Avoiding relationship issues is also incredibly stressful and saps energy from one or both people involved. When you spend energy avoiding small, or even large issues, you may be prone to blowing small things out of proportion. These “mountain out of molehill” moments may permanently damage a relationship.

Avoiding concerns within an intimate relationship is much more detrimental than you can imaging. This is exactly the reason why professional couples therapy in Gaithersburg, MD works. The couples therapists at Kentlands Psychotherapy can help couples learn effective communication skills that will allow them to bring up, and talk through any issues the relationship is facing. Do not let your relationship fail because you are too afraid to speak up. Contact Kentlands Psychotherapy to learn how our counseling services can help.