You may never have heard of Alpha Stim, but it is an incredible tool that is gaining prominence in the medical community. Alpha Stim is a device that is used worldwide to treat anxiety, depression, insomnia, and chronic pain. It works by electrically stimulating the nerve cells that produce the neurotransmitters associated with mood. Over time, this improves sleep, decreases anxiety, and lifts mood. Patients can even experience the positive effects immediately.

At Kentlands Psychotherapy, we are pleased with the results our patients have seen. We believe that Alpha Stim is a great treatment option for many of our patients. Here are the main reasons we believe in Alpha Stim:

It’s Safe

Alpha Stim is a safe treatment because there is no risk of addiction, as is the case with medications. The side effects are also very mild, do not last long, and decrease as sessions progress. No long-term side effects have been shown.

It’s Effective

Alpha Stim has proven effective across over 60 research studies, and is used extensively by the US military for veterans experiencing Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Surveys of patients using Alpha Stim show that 9 in 10 find it to be effective. It also does not lose efficacy over time, as happens with certain medications; in fact, it becomes more effective over time.

It’s Affordable

Alpha Stim is designed to help users to reduce the need for medication, which makes it cost effective. Patients can save thousands of dollars over time on the cost of medication by using Alpha Stim, either instead of or in conjunction with medication.  

Here is an article describing one writers experience using Alpha Stim to treat her Anxiety.

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