Everyone experiences anxiety occasionally, but sometimes, it goes farther than normal worrying. Anxiety can be incredibly debilitating, and sometimes people require psychotherapy or medication to manage it. If you believe you have an anxiety disorder, it is important that you talk to a professional to ensure you get the treatment that you need. If you need help, contact us today; Kentlands Psychotherapy is proud to provide psychotherapy in Gaithersburg. In the meantime, here are our tips for dealing with day-to-day anxiety.

Take note of what makes you anxious, and what helps to ease your anxiety. When you identify a pattern to your anxiety, it makes it easier for you to cope with it because you will know what has worked in the past.

Breathe. Oxygenation of the brain eases anxiety. By stopping and taking deep, purposeful breaths, you are relaxing your body and mind, and giving yourself greater clarity.

Give yourself “worry time.” Pick a time and place to worry every day. You can make a list of things that worry you, or just reflect on these feelings, but only during this time; make the rest of the day worry-free.

Exercise daily. Exercise has mood-elevating effects in as little time as ten minutes. Studies have shown that regular exercise can be as effective as medication for some people with anxiety disorders.

Talk about it in therapy. Psychotherapy has proven effective in the treatment of anxiety disorders. Even if you are not sure if the anxiety you are experiencing is pathological, it helps to talk it out with someone who will listen nonjudgmentally. If you have anxiety and need psychotherapy, contact Kentlands Psychotherapy in Gaithersburg. We can help.