Q: Every year it’s the same: make a resolution and lose motivation for it in a week or so. Two years ago, it was going to the gym every day and last year, it was going outside with the family two times a week. Both dissolved in a matter of weeks. How do I make resolutions that stick?

Many small steps makes a goal easier than too few large steps.

A: You are not alone; a lot of people tend to make resolutions that are abandoned fairly quickly. In fact, 80% of people who make a New Years’ resolution will drop it by mid-February. Consistently following resolutions is hard, but with a good plan, it can be done. Consider a more step-by-step plan that breaks down your goal into smaller achievable steps. This way you can build on your success week after week. While being ambitious can be inspiring, it’s also important to set yourself up for success.

Step One: Do a self-assessment of your starting point. Where are you right now in terms of your goal? Maybe you’re part of the way there or maybe you need to start from scratch. By knowing where you are, you can prepare for what you need to accomplish your resolution.

Step Two: Determine your first baby step. If you want to eat healthier, it might be to start by defining what “healthier” is for you and pinning some healthy recipes. Buying the right food, let alone cooking the right food, might need to come a little further down the road.

Step Three: Tap the breaks once in a while and check on your progress. You might be excited and want to move fast, but taking those baby steps can make it easier because the results will motivate you to stick with your plan.

With a solid step-by-step plan, you’ll start seeing the results you’re hoping for by developing habits needed for lasting change. Happy resolution-making!