Are you worried the stay-in-place efforts to keep our community safe are leaving your kids lonely and isolated? You’re not alone.

In a study on the impact of social isolation and loneliness on the mental health of children and adolescents, Dr Loades and her researchers found that children and adolescents can experience high rates of depression and anxiety during and after forced isolation, adding, “this may increase as enforced isolation continues.” These researchers found that “young people were as much as 3x more likely to develop depression in the future due to social isolation, with the impact . . . lasting up to nine years.” Dr. Loades suggests services to combat these effects should “offer preventative support and early intervention.”

Many parents are struggling to find online social activities for their kids to help them reduce COVID-19 isolation. Parents are looking for safe, adult facilitated, activities that offer structure to address their concerns.

Virtual Roleplay tabletop games (RPG) have been specifically designed by mental health and game-design experts to help participants increase social connection, nurture self-confidence, and expand their problem-solving abilities; ideal for our current circumstances.

Role-Playing Games Helps Kids “Level Up” by Providing Fun Social Activities to Build Confidence, Develop Resiliency, and Learn More About Themselves!

Girls Holding RPG DiceTabletop and roleplaying games have decades-long histories of being used to harness creativity and imagination. RPG groups designed and facilitated by therapists and mental health para-professionals take these benefits to a whole new level. Small groups are best, to ensure participants won’t be lost in the crowd.

Through character development, group storytelling, and working with others in an active and changing imaginary world, your teen or tween becomes the main character in their own story. They can try new ways of solving problems and interacting in dilemmas or circumstances without real world risk.

With built-in opportunities to make new friendships in a supportive, playful environment, guided by caring and skilled professionals, your child or teen can stay connected to their peers and the outside world from the safety of your home.

Online Roleplaying’s Critical Impacts

  • Building relationships with others in their team
  • Combating loneliness with regular social interaction
  • Developing social skills through teamwork while completing in-game goals
  • Growing confidence through the practice of analytic and communication skills
  • Harnessing creativity and imagination with storytelling and character development
  • Learning conflict resolution and problem-solving skills by working with other participants to navigate and resolve the story

Kentlands Psychotherapy offers both online social and therapeutic role-playing game (RPG) groups. We are currently taking registrations for Week-Long Social Summer Camps starting August 3rd, as well as 8-Week Social and Therapeutic groups starting on a rolling basis as early as late July. Sessions are open to players of all experience levels (including no experience)! Accepting players locally, nationally, and worldwide!

Groups are limited to just 3-6 players, so space is limited! Sign up now to reserve your teen or tween’s new adventure! Call Max for details (240) 252-3349 Ext. 814