YES! You can get your issues resolved remotely, online, through virtual services with a caring family attorney mediator. 

Here is a story about how Barbara, licensed in both Maryland and New York, is working with families remotely from her second office in NY. Her virtual services can be done in the comfort of your own home through phone, email, and secure teleconferencing systems. Call Barbara Rasmussen, Esq. at (240) 252-3349 Ext 804 for details.

What does family law mediation look like at Recompose Us by Kentlands Psychotherapy?

Mediation provides a much less adversarial approach to Family Law than a traditional courtroom setting. A less adversarial process means a much less expensive process and much less stressful.  The result is a healthy dynamic within your newly framed family relationship.  It is important to remember that divorce and/or separation does not end a family – it merely changes a family.  Through the process of Mediation, gracious cooperation is fostered so that emotional well-being and self-esteem are preserved.  Most importantly, children are allowed to heal from the disruption to their “normal” and to quickly focus on adjusting to the changes in their family’s structure, unburdened by a drawn out process of  parents battling in court over the family’s best interests. Child first divorce

Attorney Mediation is a voluntary process where a neutral third party (the Attorney Mediator) facilitates communication and helps parties reach mutually acceptable resolutions to legal matters affecting families (such as:  pre- and post-nuptial agreements, separation, divorce, child custody arrangements, child and/or spousal support issues, grandparents rights, family owned business disputes, and other family law related issues.)

In her role as a Family Law Mediator, Barbara Rasmussen, Esq., will help families navigate the difficult situations they are facing in a non-litigious way with the focus being on the family.  No one-sided legal advice is given to either party separately and all information is shared between the couple and the mediator.  All necessary legal information is given and shared with both parties allowing families to make decisions about what is best, while keeping in mind what the law allows and permits.  The main objective is to assist the couple or family in healthy communication so that balanced and fair agreements can be reached.

The main role of Mediation is to assist the family in engaging in positive dialogue to help reach workable solutions to the issues. Sometimes, feelings of anger, sadness, and grief can get in the way of our capacity to do this.   If you and/or your partner need additional assistance to negotiate successfully, our team of exceptional psychotherapists and our highly skilled divorce coach, Cherie Morris, CDC, are available to get everyone up to speed to “tap into” their best selves so the process of Mediation can be successful.

In many cases, even those couples sure of Mediation can benefit from spending some time with Cherie, our Divorce Coach, before beginning their work through the Mediation process.  This helps set the family up for the best possible final outcome where everyone is at peace with the Settlement Agreement. It is important to recognize that it isn’t just the terms of an Agreement that matter, but the mindset around it that matters just as much. Coaching helps couples, prior to mediation, have the background they need to be successful in mediation. If you are unsure if you need mediation, litigation, reconciliation, or assistance with alternative dispute resolution, Cherie’s open and supportive approach can help you and/or you and your spouse think through your options and often resolve your concerns with her before needing to consult with a legal professional.  

Before settlement negotiations begin, it is the Mediator’s role to ensure that you both have all of the information you need to make informed decisions.  This is done through an explanation of the existing laws and by the exchange of financial and other documentation.  Once a resolution is reached, the formal Settlement Agreement can be drafted and exchanged.  If divorce or a court order is needed, Barbara can also see to the appropriate court filing.

It is possible to have an efficient, civil, fair, even gracious divorce experience, outside the court system in a comfortable setting with a team of people rooting for your family.  We know because we are that team. Call Barbara Rasmussen, Esq. at (240) 252-3349 Ext 804 or Cherie Morris, CDC at (240) 252-3349 Ext. 812 to discuss how we can help your family through this process.


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