Could Telehealth Be Right for You?

Are you on a business trip for work? At college and want to connect with your therapist from back home? Home with a new baby?

Maybe you’d like to squeeze in a medication management* follow-up appointment over your lunch hour and just can’t with drive time included.

Do you have a specific issue to discuss and simply can’t find a therapist in your area with the right expertise?

Maybe its snowing and you don’t feel safe leaving the house. Or your car battery just died. Or you forgot your appointment and you’re 30 minutes away.

Whatever your reason, telemedicine may be right for you or your situation. Whether it’s your primary mode of care, or just something you use from time to time, telemedicine can be the solution to your needs.

Make sure you select telemedicine when you request your appointment.** Then at your appointment time, just click on the link your therapist will have sent you by email or text. It’s that easy!



If you plan to use your smart phone or tablet, simply download the free Telehealth by SimplePractice App before your appointment. Then, at your appointment time, just click the appointment link your therapist has sent you. The app will automatically open connecting you with your therapist. It’s that simple!

Download the App “Telehealth by SimplePractice

* Our concierge-style Medication Management services are ONLY available for existing clients of the practice. See our Medication Management page for details.
** Need to change an appointment last minute to telemedicine? No problem. Just call or text your therapist for help. He or she will get you all set.