Feeling uncertain about the future of your relationship or marriage can cause incredible pain, guilt, fear, and confusion. Whether you are unclear if you should stay or go or you are told by a spouse that he or she might be leaving, Kentlands Psychotherapy can help through our professional support and discernment counseling. Without professional divorce counseling, couples counseling, or relationship counseling, your thoughts might continue to go in circles with no resolution in sight.

Coping with divorce or separation may require a professional marriage counselor. Unfortunately, friends and family cannot always offer an adequate support system. Often, these individuals are too biased to help, too fatigued by their prior support, lack the necessary time, or no longer want to help any longer after witnessing the months or years of “dysfunction.” When there are children involved in a divorce, there is a whole different set of issues that are exponentially more complex.

Separation and divorce can be challenging for even the best-intentioned parents. Professional guidance on how to break the news to the children, how best to handle difficult situations, or even how and when to introduce a significant other to your children can be very helpful. If you are a couple with children considering separation or if you are already divorced but need help with issues involving your children, call or contact us today.

Difficult Ex Relations

Often during a painful or difficult marriage, divorce feels like a welcome relief from the day to day crises and stressors. For many people, it is exactly that. Some folks seem to seamlessly move from marriage to friendly collaborators in the raising of their children, graciously sharing the holidays each gets with the kids, how to distribute the limited high school graduation tickets, and even in rare cases, attending each other’s second weddings.

Sadly, these exes are exceptions to the rule. In most cases, post-marital negotiations are difficult and tense, sometimes even contentious, particularly if the betrayal of monetary or sexual infidelity was involved. As not every divorce is amicable, some ex-relations are less than ideal and may benefit from seeing a family therapist. Sometimes all it takes is a professional to help mediate.

Individual therapy with a psychologist, or a marriage, family, or a couples therapist can help you to strategize and cope with the long-term challenges of dealing with a difficult ex. Do you feel it is time that you and your ex began to co-parent in a manner that is conducive to helping your children having the happiest childhood possible under the circumstances?

Book an initial consultation and we can discuss your situation and decide which options are best for you.

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