Young adults are unique in t that they are living (and learning) how to overcome obstacles to get to the next phase of their lives. These individuals are making a difficult and important transition from school to the adult world of work and family and it can come with many pressures and problems. This transition focuses on independence and greater responsibility with which many young adults are unprepared to deal. For many young adults, this transition period may become too much and their physical and mental health can suffer. So how can a young adult find the right way to overcome difficult obstacles without derailing their goals and aspirations?

Finding Balance

The key to a happy life is balance. Unfortunately many young adults struggle to balance social goals with their professional goals; favoring one at the expense of the other. Young adults are in the phase of life where they find themselves striving to find love, to achieve professional or career aspeirations, and to meet societies expectations of them (physically, socially, professionally, interpersonally, etc.).  That’s a full plate!

Many of the young adults in our area have recently come out of the pressure cooker of one of the “W” schools of Montgomery County and are having a tough time shaking the hard driving expectations they put on themselves during high school or that they still feel others are putting on them.

Receiving Professional Support

Sometimes young adults need a little help overcoming the obstacles that life can throw their way. A mental health counselor at Kentlands Psychotherapy can help young adults by offering them life skills coaching that help them with coping techniques and other skills that may be necessary to navigate this chapter of life. Counseling professionals are a third party, unbiased individuals that are trained (and qualified) to offer not only a boost of encouragement or a non-judgmental caring compassionate ear (like a good friend) but also a treatment plans to their patients. Career counseling may not be the only thing that a young adult needs to succeed in life.

Do not let anxiety and worries drag you down. Contact Nicole Beane, LCSW-C a Kentlands Psychotherapy professional and receive help for problems at work, within your social life, or at home. Learn more about how you can improve you life with help, you do not have to go through this time on your own.