1. Dealing with In-Laws

    Q: My in-laws just stayed with us for several days over the holidays. Truth be told I don’t like them very much. My father-in-law seems a bit full of himself and my mother-in-law can be very controlling and critical of me, my housekeeping, and my parenting. Now they want us to come down to their vacation home in Florida over spring break. We just saw them!  My mother-in-law is already dogging m…Read More

  2. Rediscovering your holiday spirit

    Question: I’m having a hard time getting into the holiday spirit. Every year I’m so stressed. I seem to do all the shopping for my own family, and my husband’s family; as well as most of our kids gifts as well. Then there’s all the teachers gifts, the white elephant event at work. The cookie exchanges. The holiday parties. Do I need to get something for the mailman, the cleaning ladies, an…Read More

  3. Thanksgiving plans with girlfriend verses parents

    Question: Our son Jack is a freshman at the University of Chicago. He’s our only child and we are very proud of him. He seems to be adjusting well to college. In fact, so well that he already has a girlfriend! Unfortunately he just texted his dad and I that he plans to go to her house for Thanksgiving. We are so disappointed. Thanksgiving would have been our first chance to see him again since h…Read More

  4. Puff, Puff, Pass: Marijuana Use among Teenagers

    Question: Last week, I came from early from work to find my son smoking weed on the back porch of our house with two of his friends. This is the second time we have caught him in the past couple of months. He insists that marijuana is not chemically addictive and that he can quit whenever he wants, as he proclaims that he has done plenty of research on the topic. I am concerned that he is smoking …Read More

  5. He Works, She Works, We All Social Network

    Question: I have been worried about my children’s obsession with social media recently. My daughter’s makeup must be done in the same way and with the same products as her current favorite Instagram influencer. Several times, I have walked by my son scrolling through Twitter and have been sexually explicit photos show up on his timeline. Should I be worried or is this the new normal? Answer: P…Read More

  6. School Pressure: Gift & Talented, Magnet, and IB Programs

    Question: My child is considering applying to a magnet program for middle school. It seems like a great opportunity if he is accepted, but are there any negative consequences for children in these advanced schools? Answer: Gifted & Talented, Magnet, and IB Programs are often dream schools for hardworking students looking to pursue a more rigorous course of study. While these programs can be en…Read More

  7. School Refusal

    Question: My ten-year-old child never wants to go to school, and often throws a fit in the morning, trying to run or hide instead of leaving the house. Why is she acting like this and what should I do? Answer: A child refusing to attend their school is an issue many families deal with. This could stem from several factors including separation anxiety, social anxiety, depression, or generalized anx…Read More

  8. The Danger of Prescription Drugs

    Question: After learning about the opioid epidemic in the news, I’m worried about my teen getting involved with prescription drugs. What are the potential risks and how can I prevent them?   Answer: Prescription drugs are the most commonly abused drugs by Americans over the age of 14, excluding alcohol and marijuana; and they account for over half of the drug overdoses in the United States each…Read More

  9. Four-Year College Envy

    Question: My friends are all going to four-year universities but I have to attend community college for financial reasons. Hearing them talk about their future roommates, dorm decorations, and fall semester classes just reminds me of what I don’t have. Going to family functions is especially hard because I find myself dreading how I will respond to my relatives’ questions about what my future …Read More

  10. Fear of Dogs

    Question: When I was a little kid I was bitten by my neighbor’s dog and ended up in the emergency room because of it. Ever since then I’ve been terrified of dogs, even little chihuahuas! Even though I’m supposed to be a ‘manly’ man, every time I see a dog I feel like a little kid again. My girlfriend and I love each other, but I don’t love her best friend...her childhood dog. We’ve b…Read More